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If a game is marked with a (C- HT), that means it has been copied from @HorribleTomato with slight edits.

Boss Fight:
Basically this is just a recap of all important fights in my KOTL, in addition to new ones. There are 1v1s, 2v2s, and one mass 4v4
1v1s: Boxing Zombie, Spongebob, Martin0, Thanos, Francis Scott Key, 6000 pound Steve, Santa, The orc king, Chuck Norris, and PopularMMOs
2v2s: Fire Zombie and katana Zombie, Harold and tomato, and the ninja masters,
4v4: Oreos

Murder Mystery 3:

You start off with 200 gold, 5 diamonds, and a house. There are 50 citizens, and 10 police officers. The citizens are worth +1 point to the murderer if killed, police +1 as well if killed by murderer. Profit per day is 100 gold and 1 diamond. Gold is used to get everything that isn't a weapon(paint bucket, bush, grass, outfits, etc). Diamonds are used to get any type of weapon. However, there is a catch. You can now begin quests! These quests give you gold or EVEN DIAMONDS. There is also a detective who gets to IM me who they think the murderer is every other day. If they are right, the murderer is revealed.

+15 for killing the murderer

+2 for the murderer killing innocents, increases +1 for each kill up to 5 points

+5 for the murderer killing the detective.

-3 for an innocent killing another innocent UNLESS ITS IN SELF DEFENSE

-0 for killing citizens as an innocent or detective


Harold’s dungeon 

You start out in a prison cell captured by Harold himself. You must first figure out a way to escape. Choose one item to help you while in the cell or afterwards.. there will be many rooms ahead... Easy(+1 point) Medium(+2 points), and Hard(+3 points) you will get resources on the journey and will fight Harold and his minions at the end

Bed wars 

Same as Minecraft bed wars with these exceptions

1. 5 iron and two gold per hour (none from 9 PM to 7 AM)

2. Only attacks can be IMed. Your purchases and when you go to a diamond or emerald spawner must be on the thread

3. PvP is KOTL style, not Minecraft style 

Look up Minecraft bed wars on YouTube if you don’t know how to play.

Rob The Museum (C- HT)

All of the players must find 1 of 10 orbs to complete the game. They are ranked 1-10 by pts.

You may bring as many items as you can fit (katana strapped on back, daggers in pockets [x2]) that sort of thing. The more [and stronger] items you bring, the less points you get for "Difficulty" 1-10, this includes your getaway vehicle, the thing you use to escape after retrieving the orbs.

Points for style (1-10) as well.

Map (here)

This is a high tech museum, so watch out for security cameras, windows are barred at night, skylight is barred as well, doors locked, but at day, a flurry of people are inside and it's hard to steal it without attracting attention...

Murder Mystery V2 (C- HT)                                                   

Basically, you own a house where  you hide an orb, everyone rob you of your orb while you try to steal theirs and a murderer tries to kill you (the murderer has an orb too!), keep his cover so he doesn't get caught, and everyone creates defenses for their house like hello neighbor.

We are using town houses instead of apartments, but rest of the map is the same, apartments are 4 floors (bottom is living room, kitchen, and dining room, 2nd floor is your room and bathroom, ladder to SMALL attic and stairs and door down to SMALL basement) Everyone IMs me so I know where the orbs/traps are.

Map: 4 areas, townhouses, armory (weapons, armor), Warehouse (items from coal to matches, basically any materialistic item you need [not food or weapons]), and grocery store, you have to BUY items and they must be out of stock. 100 gold per day (50 per extra orb you have)

1 murderer and 1 thief are randomly chosen. 5 IMs per day


Everyone: -10 to 5 pts for defenses. 

Townspeople: -5 for killing townsperson, +1 per day (survival), +10 for murderer, +3 per orb you have at game end, -5 per orb destroyed

Murderer: 4 pts per kill, +3 pts per orb you have at game end, -5 per orb destroyed


 Tomato Dungeon

This game uses a chessboard. The final boss is at h8. You start at a1. You can go forwards, sideways, or diagonally. You can team up with others, or fight them for their loot. Each square has a section of the dungeon to complete. Each person who help someone complete one gets points. A8-A2, B2 and B1-H1= 1 point, B8-B3, C3, and C2-H2 are two points, C8-C4, D4, and D3-H3 are three points, E8-H4(excluding h8), are four points, and h8 is five points. Once one person gets to h8, everybody who lives goes to h8. There are respawns. Starter items are dagger, speed potion, and invisiblility potion

Zombie apocalypse.             

You start off with a basic dagger, there are 5 buildings: A hotel, A gym, A house, A sports center, and a grocery store. Zombies are in each of these houses, but zombies also come at night. You need the resources to live. After every nightm you get a survival point. Killing a zombie gives you .1 points. Last one standing gets 5 points. Good luck!!!

In a small town, there are 4 major places. A Grocery store, an armory, an apartment building, and a Mechanic shop (formerly sports center).
Grocery store has anything you can find in a grocery store, armory has any kind of  weapon, apartment has your personal room where you store things, Mechanic shop any tools AND you can buff or modify your guns (WITH MY PERMISSION).
There is also a street. After I find out who is joining, I IM the murderer. Anyone can equip themselves with weapons, but your goal is to FIND THE MURDERER, not kill everyone else. You may not specify which area of a building you are in. If someone is IN YOUR BUILDING, they may attack you. Murderer gets 3 points every kill he gets, townspeople get 10 points for killing the murderer! You can also get points by survival time as a townsperson, but lose 5 for killing an innocent. You can defend yourself. When the murderer attacks you, you may have 1 post to BLOCK and COUNTERATTACK
No one knows who you are when you attack someone... IM me to attack, or if you want to make a private move.

Detention (C- HT)

Everyone starts as a student (about 100 lbs). I am the detention monitor. You may try to escape using anything related to school that is small enough to fit in a normal sized school desk. If I don't refute it, you escape! When you escape, you may become the hall monitor. There is also a janitor, a hallway, a bathroom, and a janitors room.

Escape routes: Vent  (south) Door (very top right) Windows (lined along west)
Ranked by style and placement.

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KOTL Official Rules

KOTL Official Rules

[GAME ARCHIVE] King of the Ladder run by Angel9505

[GAME ARCHIVE] King of the Ladder run by Angel9505