KOTL Official Rules

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These are official rules for playing KOTL. 

Normal Playing

Basic Rules for Playing

The mod describes your location and what you have. You only control the 'vessel' you're in and can only manipulate the world around you using this vessel. A vessel is a humanoid creature with no privates, need to eat/sleep/drink/relieve themselves, and has the physical ability of peak human. In some KOTLs, vessels have limited energy. In some, they have infinite. Ask your mod about how they're using energy levels. Just say something you'd like your vessel to do, and if it's something you can do, you do it. The mod decides what you can/can't do. The mod considers the following when doing your action:

1. If your action is within your vessel's ability considering all available items, the position, how much damage you've taken, and other factors (ex. you can't instant kill somebody, you can't punch if you have your hands tied, you can't kick if your leg is ripped off, you can't shoot a gun if you do not have a gun)

2. If you know enough to do that action (ex. if you see the enemy you're trying to attack)

Any action usually happens immediately as to not drag the game on for too long, unless it is disrupted by something (player, NPC, trap, etc.). This means that long distances can be traveled instantly in the right situation.

If you are too vague, the mod will have to make assumptions or the mod will ask you to make specifications so the mod can mod more accurately. If you cannot do it, the mod will tell you why you cannot do it and your action will not happen. 

Actions cannot be edited/taken back, unless you have express permission from the mod to do so.

Your overall goal is to get as many points as you can, and have fun along the way.


You can send me an IM asking a question and I will always answer, usually by IM. Sometimes, you want to do an action in secret, whether it's buying something, backstabbing someone, traveling, or something else.

Most Actions by IM- Anybody who sees you do your action will be IMed about your action. If too many people see you do your action I will simply announce it on the main thread or tell you to say it on the main thread.

Buying something by IM- I will announce that you have spent currency but not what you have bought.

Attack somebody by IM- Be patient. Your attack might take a few actions from the other player to happen. They do have a chance to dodge your attack even if they do not know it will happen. Also, in some special cases, people will be IMed that they see you going to attack somebody. In this special case, you will usually be notified that a player sees you and can decide to not do the action.

How KOTL Time Works

The good thing about KOTL time is that it does not matter if you're offline when somebody attacks you, or 2 people are trying to grab something at the same time and one of them manages to post here due to FIT.


Any time you are not moving, you are considered FIT, or frozen in time. This stops time in an area around you, so you don't die immediately after every action. It is usually infinitely long for NPCs.

If you are being attacked or an important thing happens that might affect you, you will be given 12 hours of FIT time to make an action in response. This is so you don't die immediately after being attacked. Extra time might be given considering your situation (ex. A bonus 6 hours to sleep). If you do not react, the attack will go through, usually hurting/killing you. 

Exceptions to FIT

If you do not know you are being attacked, you will be given infinite amounts of time to make an action.

Ex. An IM action to stab you from behind.

If you are incapable of reacting in a way that affects the situation, the action will go through without a FIT time.

Ex 1. You're going to die no matter what you do.

Ex 2. You are too far away to stop the enemy from grabbing an important object and have no ranged weapons, even though it affects your situation greatly.


If you are waiting for a person who is FIT and can't move, you can do an AOOO. These things only happen if the damage you take/items you lose from the battle don't affect your AOOO. Usually causes time paradoxes, so it is preferred to not use these unless necessary for game progression. Some mods prefer to not use AOOOs at all, so ask your mod if they are allowing them before you try.


There are a few exceptions that make who posts first important, and it's all due to the order that things happen. OOA stands for Order of Actions, and it states how the situation plays out, action by action. Actions that are posted first will happen before the others in the OOA. 

So, let's say somebody steps forward. If you IM the mod to shoot at them AFTER they say step forward (even if you IMed them only a second after the player steps forward), they will get another action due to their stepping forward being put first on the OOA. If you IM the mod to shoot at them BEFORE they say step forward (even if you IMed them only a second before the player steps forward), they will die due to their stepping forward being put second on the OOA and acting as the technical reaction to your IM.

Another example- Let's say you make an action, then immediately after an NPC attacks you. You will complete your action, then the NPC will attack. Of course, if the NPC attacks first, you will have to react to the NPC attack then continue on with your action.

Also- Due to the fact that people might not see posts that are posted slightly before they post, if two actions are posted at near the same time, the later action will usually get a chance to take it back if the new action affects their action a lot.

What Mods Do

The mods make the game rules/map, controls the points/the NPCs, decides how a player performs their action/what happens because of their action.

In KOTL, there will be times when you are fighting another player/NPC and you might kill/hurt them, or they might kill/hurt you. It's up to the mod to listen to both your arguments on why their situation happens and decide what happens in game (it does not have to be one of the situations, it can be a compromise or something totally different).

Don't extend your arguments too long as it will stall the game for everybody. Also, if you feel a judgement is unfair, do not harass the mod. Doing these simply makes the experience less enjoyable for everybody. 

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