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Season 3 KOTL Revamped Games

Boss Battle: Risking it All

Basic Rules

There are 3 phases of this game. Your score is based on your play. 100 for 1st, 95 for 2nd, and so on.

Respawns on. -20 pts for dying/killing a player.


Phase 1- The map is a casino. The Devil has cleared out the center of the map to fight.

Phase 2- The map is a large platform suspended in the air. 

Phase 3- The map is the same as phase 2, except with a large slot machine.


Devil- Suffering is fun.

Dice Demon- Roll the dice.

Card Gard- An ordinary card, but it gards.

Rob the Museum: Multiverse Madness


This place used to be the old museum was once a hive of robberies. The curator was tired of all this and decided all of its old paintings, statues, and items had to be taken out so the museum could be renovated. Turned into something better. Welcome to the MOSTAM (Museum of Space Time and the Multiverse). The engineers found a way to freeze this sector of the multiverse indefinitely across every reality, allowing it to act as a portal to any time, universe, and place. You're here to show them that the robberies are still happening. Get in, find the 10 orbs, and get out.

Basic Rules

You've been given a singular unbreakable map that tells you the location of the next orb. I will randomly pick the person with the map. People with more points have a higher chance of being picked to hold the map. The person with the map can make IM actions that do not harm other players.

At the end of the game, I rank everybody based on points (100 for 1st, 95 for 2nd, etc).

+5 pts for grabbing an orb first. +5 pts for having an orb at game end. -10 pts for a death, +10 pts for killing a player w/ no map, -25 pts for dying w/ map, and+25 pts for killing a player w/ map.

On a death, you respawn w/o all your items.

There are two metal vessels as security. They are designed to murder any intruders, and murder them well. Hold them off as best you can.

Actions must be made on main thread.


Locations will be added as you discover them. [NO] means no orb.

Museum- The hub of everything. Stay quiet.

Detention- A school. The teacher has become even stronger. [NO]

Factory- A factory. The AI has learned from its past mistakes. 

Goose's Palace- A palace. The goose seems to not be as cautious with its security.

MMv5 Town- A town. Follow the disco rules.

Land of Flames- A land of flames. Keep your cool.

Terminal- A mysterious building. Look for attacks.


Gold Rush: Fool's Gold

Basic Rules

The game ends once 1250 gold is reached. You can't give gold to other players. The person who reaches 1250 gold automatically gets 100 pts. Everybody else gains up to 50 skill pts and 1 pt for each 20 gold they have. You lose no points for a death and gain no points for a kill. 

The map is extremely small and circular, with the indestructible pavilion in the very center. Tall grass = is next to the walls of gold surrounding the map.

Respawns are on. After a death, you will respawn right next to the pavilion.

Actions must be made on main thread.


Everybody spawns in with 250 gold. After that, there are 3 ways to get gold. 

1. Killing players- Players drop some % of their gold (rounded up) as well as all their items on death. The player who strikes the killing blow gains all of the items/gold. The dead player respawns with the remaining gold and no items. It is usually 50%, but if the game takes too long or a special item is in play, the percentage can be higher.

2. Killing NPCs- Basic NPCs are hidden in the grass and can jump out at you at any second. They're worth a small amount of gold. Minibosses sometimes appear at the pavilion. These minibosses are worth large sums of gold.

3. Pavilion Drops- Gold/gold creating items drop here. Drops are announced beforehand so people can say what they want. Drops drop a max of 625 gold in 1 bag. 0th pavilion drop is start of game and each subsequent large pavilion drop will be one higher than the last.

You can buy any item imaginable with gold when the last pavilion drop is an even number or you've just respawned/just started playing the game. Price scales with strength, meaning overpowered items are worth more than 1250 gold.

Usual Item Prices

Weak Melee Weapon- 10+ gold

Normal Melee Weapon- 25+ gold

Normal Shield- ~40 gold

Normal Ranged Weapon- 50+ gold and ammo

Great Shield- ~70 gold

Berserker Helmet- 100 gold

Explosive- 125+ gold

Trick Box- 500 gold

Murder Mystery v5 

Basic Rules

Deaths aren't announced immediately. It's always night, meaning IMs are allowed and you need a light source to see far. Each live player gains 200 currency daily which can be used to buy items/weapons. You drop all items/currency on death.

Roles and Points

Everybody spawns in with a sword and 200 gold. Once everybody joins, I use RNG to determine the 3 murderers. The murderers know who each other are. They will be IMed their role.

Innocent- 10 points daily, plus skill points. -10 points for killing innocents. 36 points (split between people based on contributions) for killing murderer. Alive innocents gain 20 points if only innocents are left alive. If you say "I AM MURDERER", you die immediately.

Murderer- 30 points for killing an innocent, 15 points for helping kill an innocent, 3 points for destroying an innocent's house. +20 points if only murderers are left alive, even if the murderer is dead. Starts game w/ Liar's Mask. If you say "I AM MURDERER" in main thread, you get a Real Knife plus 2 tricks of your choice. 


The edge of the map (behind the houses/shop) has tall bushes. The pavilion is surrounded by tall bush. Light sources don't help you find people in bushes.

Everybody has their own house which they spawn in. Houses are in a 180 degree circular arc, with the highest on the leaderboard on the West side and the lowest on the leaderboard on the East side. The middle leaderboard player is center north. They have one floor, are completely empty, and have front and back doors. 

In the center, there's a pavilion. Strong items, Trick Boxes, and Currency, drop here when many people are active. Can't be destroyed.  

South, there's a shop. It's a big one room building with the shopkeeper at the Southmost side. Any items you want is available here for gold. Can't be destroyed.

Survival: Terminal


You rejected the paradise. Now you will suffer in enteral pain and be reborn again, just to die. For what? A little number next to your name? Was it worth it, player? Was it worth it? 

Basic Rules

It's the usual survival point format. Up to 50 points for skill/participation, and up to 50 points for rank (50 for 1st, 46 for 2nd, 42 for 3rd, etc).

There is a singular boss hunting you down, and it will hunt you till the end of the earth. The boss gets stronger and stronger as the game progresses. You cannot destroy it, but you can hinder its progress. The boss passively attacks players, so AFK ones will be dead quickly. 

You spawn with NOTHING, and will have to scavenge and look for ways to take out your fellow players and disable the boss.


Terminal has 3 map sections. Ground level, floor one, and rooftop. You spawn at ground level in a dirty room with no windows and a broken door. The boss spawns at floor one somewhere. You know nothing about each level, so explore. 

Escape the Paradise


You're living it up in the perfect world. You get everything you desire. Who would want to leave? You don't. You would love to stay here forever. And you can. You just have to let go, and become one with the world. It's so much easier then struggling for those stupid points. 


Gain 50 points based on skill and 50 points based on your escape rank (50 for first, 46 for second, etc). To escape, you must find a way to eliminate yourself from the game. One player can get the secret ending, which automatically grants them 100 points.Of course, don't stress about them. You can just let go, and be here forever. 

Map & NPCs

Spawn point- South. A cavern filled with bagels+made of clouds.

Cloud City- West. A city made of clouds. 

Bagel Mountain- East. A mountain made of bagels.

Bagel Forest- North. A forest with trees made of bagel.

Discover more as you explore.

Season 2 KOTL Revamped Games

Heist: Fowl Play


Well, you are back at it again. Another day, another heist. A few differences- You're not going to raid a museum, you're going to raid a special pocket of the world we call Goose Palace. Also, it's not a diamond you're after, but a golden egg. 

Your powerful allies have dispatched the goose's powerful abilities, but you only have so long. So, get in, get the egg, and get out. 

Don't get to caught up in in fighting, you might just miss your chance.

Points and Deaths

Get the golden egg and get out. The player who is holding the golden egg when the game ends gets a bonus 50 points. 

Everybody is ranked on how much work they did, and gain up to 100 points (100 for 1st, 94 for 2nd, 88 for 3rd, etc). You gain 15 points for a kill and lose 15 for a death.

You keep all items on a death unless it says otherwise.


We weren't able to get a good scan of the map, and due to the goose's powers, it shifts constantly, even when the goose has been mostly subdued. There is only one entrance at the front of the Palace. You can only enter and exit there.

Gold Rush

Basic Rules

There's so much gold. Use it to buy weapons and items or save up to win the game.

There's pavilions, murderer, and money. What's not to love?

Respawns are allowed. 


The game ends once 1000 gold is reached. The person who reaches 1000 gold automatically gets 100 points. Everybody else gains up to 50 activity points and get a point for every 20 gold they have. 

You lose no points for a death and gain no points for a kill. 

Gold and Items

Gold drops in piles and piles! Also, it's kinda heavy, so players with more gold become slower. Everybody spawns in with 100 gold. After that, there are 4 ways to get gold. 

1. Killing players- When a player dies, they drop 50% of their gold (rounded up) as well as all their items. The player who strikes the killing blow gains everything, even if another participant did more damage. The dead player respawns with the rest of the gold and no items. 

2. Killing NPCs- Some NPCs will spawn throughout the game in the Southern area. They're worth some gold. The power and gold drop of NPCs ramps up as the game progresses.

3. Pavilion Drops- This is your main source of new, shiny gold. Bags and bags of gold will drop here (when players are online), and only gold. Get it while you can. Also, bigger bags are worth more gold, but will drop less frequently than smaller bags and are harder to carry. 

Spending Gold

When at the hut, you can buy a lot of items with gold. Almost anything you ask for will be at the hut. The price will scale with its strength, meaning items that are too powerful will be unpurchasable due to being worth more than 1000 gold. 

Here are some of the usual prices for items-

Average ranged projectile (throwing dagger, shuriken)- Around 20 gold

Average melee weapon (katana, sword)- Around 50 gold

Trick box- 100 gold

Specific trick- 100+ gold

Average ranged weapon (Bow, blowdart)- Around 100 gold.

Silenced Sniper Rifle- 250 + 15 per ammo

Explosives- 300+


The map is very small to encourage fighting.

North is the respawn points. When you die, you respawn here.

East is a hut, where the shopkeeper relaxes. He'll give you items, weapons, and tricks in return for your gold.

South is a goose statue. The goose statue regurgitates NPCs.

West is a pavilion. It drops gold when players are active.

Boss Rush: Clover


After two hiccups in transportation, the Jester has finally managed to transport you to his arena, where the real fun begins. Everybody spawns in with a normal scythe.

Goal and Points

Your goal is to defeat 4 boss. Each boss has 2 phases. Every phase and boss has a different moveset and way of taking damage or being defeated.

You gain up to 50 points for each boss. Your base score is based on your play (50 for first, 46 for second, 42 for third, etc). You lose 10 points for dying and 10 points for killing an ally. 

If the KOTL dies, they lose 400 points.

In the Principal's phase 2 part 3, you gain 20 points for killing an ally, lose 20 points for dying, and gain a Backstabber (that doesn't work on the principal).


The map is a large circular arena with a metal door as the exit. It's locked, don't even bother trying. The roof and floor is made purely from (mostly) unbreakable glass. Underneath the floor is lava, which will kill you to death if you fall in.


The Jester- Here's a little lesson in trickery. 

King of the Ladder- He is #1 and he always will be.

Principal- Fallen from grace, he's back to take the reins. 

Goose- It's always here. There is no escape from it.

Battle Royale: Wild Goose Chase

Basic Rules (and Goose)

You all spawn in with a dagger, and the last one standing wins.

The goose will move around the map, stealing currency and items from players. So, kill the goose. Annoying goose. Stupid goose. 


You gain 100 points for killing the goose or grabbing it and handing it to the jester. Stupid goose. So annoying. Burn it with fire, chop it up into meat, or both. It deserves it. 

Game ends when there's only a few players left (They then will be ranked on activity to determine the final placements).

50 points are based on placement and 50 on skill. First place gets 50, second place gets 45, and so on. Gain skill points for being active/playing well/killing other players. 

Currency and Loot

You can gain loot from pavilion drops or find them at certain sectors. Some items from sectors might be dangerous, so be wary of what you grab.

You can spend currency at the shop on items/tricks/weapons.

Kill the NPCs that spawn in the areas to gain currency. The mobs that spawn will get more powerful as the game progresses, and the currency they drop will increase proportionally to that strength.

Killing a player gains you their items+currency+a special currency bonus based on how many sectors are shut down (Exact number will be announced on thread). 

Map Basics and Phases

This map is made up of sectors. There is a small hut in every Sector. You can use the currency you gain to buy weapons/items based on the sector you're in (Lava has lava based items, ice has ice based items, etc.).

You can attack the shopkeepers at these huts, but they are powerful and will fight back w/ force. Killing a shopkeeper drops a lot of very good loot, but will close that hut for the rest of the game. 

Every day at a certain time, a new phase starts. When a new phase starts, one sectors becomes a Death Sector to push the people closer together. You will know which sector becomes a Death Sector 24 hours in advance. During a new phase, mobs in sectors become stronger and worth more currency, and the bonus currency for killing people increases. Also, passive threats (Goose, poison, mosquitos, cold, fire) become stronger every phase.

Sector Descriptions

Center Sector- The sector in the very middle. A pavilion sits in the middle of this area. Strong items will drop here once in a while. Goose activity is greatly increased here. This hut sells regular items. Trick items will only be sold in this hut.

Ice Sector- This sector is North of the Pavilion Sector. You will freeze to death, so stay warm. This area is covered in snow and ice rocks provide some cover. Snowstorms hit once in a while, and they will blow out fires, cloud your vision, and make you colder, so take cover. Ice mobs spawn here.

Forest Sector- This sector is East of the Pavilion Sector. This area is covered in plant life, so trees will provide a lot of cover. The plant life might be dangerous, so be wary of what you pick. Mosquitos come in to attack you if you are in here too long. Forest mobs spawn here.

Desert Sector- This sector is South of the Pavilion Sector. You will get heated to death, so stay cold.This area is covered in sand and sandstone will provide some cover. Sandstorms hit once in a while, and they will cloud your vision and hurt you, so take cover. Desert mobs spawn here.

Ruins Sector- This sector is West of the Pavilion Sector. This area has many ruined buildings, which provide a lot of cover. Many items will be here, but they have a bad aura around them. Grab them if you dare. You will start getting poisoned if you're here too long. Ruin mobs spawn here.

Lava Sector- This sector is on the outskirts of the Desert and Ruins sector. Lava will make your life miserable here in too many ways to mention, but the goose isn't anywhere to be found. Lava mobs spawn here.

Overgrowth Sector- This sector is on the outskirts of the Ice and Forest sector. The extraordinary amount of life here will make your life miserable in too many ways to mention, but the goose isn't anywhere to be found. Extreme nature type mobs spawn here.

Death Sector- This sector starts by bordering the Overgrowth and Lava sector. More and more sectors will be consumed by death as the game progresses. It will kill you, and I am not joking. Step in it and you will be obliterated instantly with no hope of survival. Don't try. You will die. The goose is nowhere to be found, here, so that's nice. 

Sectors are shut down randomly, but Overgrowth and Lava will always be shut down before the other four sectors that can be shut down. 

Escape the Island

Basic Rules

You all wake up, crashed on an island. The plane you arrive on is completely broken down. Luckily, you packed a special Trick Box, a dagger, and several Extra Life tricks, so you'll be able to live for a while. You and your friends who crashed with you will have to work together to survive this catastrophic mess. The only tricks you can get are the power totem, the horrible tomato, and all survival/transportation items. Trick rules can be found (here).


Your base score is based on your escape route, how active you were, and how much you contributed to your escape. You lose 10 points for dying or killing another player. 


Beach surrounds this island, except for a few certain areas.

You spawn at the south beach, where the plane crashes and you spawn. 

Most of the inner island is covered in forest which is full of deadly creatures you might need to kill for food.

West, there is a tall mountain. 

East, there is a cave which exits into the ocean.

You cannot tell what is up North.

There are a ton of things you don't know about this island, so explore! But be careful, for there is danger around every corner.

Murder Mystery: A Little Lesson in Trickery

Basic Rules

You wake up in a mysterious town. You spawn in your house, which is one floor and nice and empty. Two people will be selected for special roles- Heartless and murderer. Once everybody has joined, I will use a random number generator to determine the murderer and heartless, and they will get an IM. Deaths do not have to be announced immediately.

Roles and Points

All roles spawn with a dagger.

Innocent- Your base score is based off how long you survive and how active you were. This is usually 10 points per half day but is subject to change. When the murderer is killed, all alive innocents get 10 points, the person who strikes the killing blow gets 12 points, and 24 points are split between everybody who participates in deciding to kill them, including the person who strikes the killing blow. Innocents lose 10 points for killing innocents. If an innocent kills the heartless, the innocent gains 10 points for every person the heartless killed. 

Heartless- Acts like an innocent, but loses no points for killing innocents. 

Murderer- Gains 20 points for every kill. Subject to change. Starts off the game with the Liar's Mask, which disguises the player as any other player (alive or dead). Can be changed at will.


There is a big wall surrounding the map. Nobody gets in or out.

All houses are located at the north side. They are one floor with no items in them.

In the very center, there is a pavilion. Strong loot spawns here over time. Items only spawn here when many people are active. This prevents camping and AFK, as you might miss out on powerful items. Cannot be destroyed. With each pavilion drop there is a Trick. These are legendary items are greatly beneficial in some way. Descriptions for tricks are (here).

The armory exists at the west side of the map. It contains basic weapons, but there is a limited supply and you can only carry so much. Ask to see if something is in the armory. Cannot be burnt down in the first 24 hours.

The warehouse exists on the east side of the map. You can find utility items like ladders and lighter fluid here, but there is a limited supply and you can only carry so much. Ask to see if something is in the warehouse. Cannot be burnt down in the first 24 hours.

The wooden fort exists at the south side of the map. Can be burnt down at any time. It's just a fort.

Day/Night Cycle

The day night cycle follows real time (EST). During nighttime you are more sneaky, and IMs are very effective. During daytime your actions are obvious, and usually should be stated on the main thread. There is also sunset and sunrise between day/night, which allow you to be moderately sneaky. IMs are moderately effective during this time.


If there are no deaths by a certain period of time, people will be voted out. 

Each person casts a vote on who they think is the murderer. If there's a tie, there's a vote between the two (or three) with the highest score and the two/three do not get a vote. If there is still a tie, I will hold a special vote (rules not decided for this special vote yet).

The person being killed by vote chooses the person they trust the most. If that person is the murderer, the murderer gets the kill.

Season 1 KOTL Revamped Games:

A Glitch in the System

Basic Rules

You've been in the factory, where they make the vessels. Now, the Principal is sending you to the Generator, the center of it all. You spawn in the Generator Entrance. The Principal has granted you access to the Jester's Scythe, a specially designed weapon which harnesses the Generator's powers of creation to mimic weapons. Get to the center to win.

Points and Dying

If you die in any way you lose 10 points, and if you kill somebody you gain 10 points. If you die by a player, they get all your items except your Jester's Scythe. If you die by a NPC, you drop all your items except your Jester's Scythe to be picked up. You will respawn at the last completed Gate. 

Opening a Gate will grant the person who opened the gate 20 points. If this gate requires a death, the person who kills the tribute gets the points. Suicide does not grant points.


The path to the core is linear, but there are many ways to complete a given Gate. There are Gates throughout, which require somebody to give something up to proceed. Sometimes this thing is their life.

Survival: Absolute Zero

[Credit to @AustinXJet for concept creation]

Basic Rules

Enemies will spawn from the fog in waves. You can kill other players. Simply be the last one standing to earn points! You will gain 50 points based on rank (1st place gets 50, 2nd place gets 46 etc), and 50 points based on skill (how much you played). The map is cold, meaning if you are not adequately heated you will die of hypothermia. If not enough people are dying it will get colder.


You spawn with a coat, gloves, wool hat, scarf, winter boots, and winter pants, which keep you warm. You can buy clothing from the hut if your old one gets ripped/work out. You can also use fire (found throughout the map) to keep you warm. You spawn with a lit torch to help with this. Other sources of fire can be found throughout the map/in the shop. You do not spawn with any currency. 


It's a circular map with fog all around. In the very center there is a big cave, which might offer you safety for a short while. There's a broken down lumber mill up North. Next to this lumber mill there's a lumber yard with a bunch of trees in it, surrounded by wooden fences. There's a hut on the east side, which acts as a shop. There is an ice fortress on the west side, which acts as a good defense point. Would be a shame if it was burnt down. Finally, you spawn in the south, at a campsite. All of you have separate tents with sleeping bags. The tents form a circular formation around a bonfire burning in the center. The map can shrink in size if too little people are dying. 

Shop and Currency

You gain currency by killing NPCs. If you kill a player you steal all their currency plus how many rounds they survived. You cannot enter the hut, only ask the mysterious NPC there for weapons. The NPC cannot be killed and you can only buy stuff before the next wave of enemy NPCs attack.


Melee Ground Enemies

 Ice Zombies [1 currency]

   Moves slowly. Weakness: Snowballs and Fire.

 Ice Wolf [3 currency]

   Fast. Pounces and scratches. Weakness: Fire.

 Snow Golem [7 currency]

   Slow. Throws snowballs and attacks you with hands. Takes a while to burn. Weakness: Fire.

Ranged Ground Enemies

 Snowmen [1 currency]

   They form snowballs which they toss at you. Normal movement speed. Weakness: Fire.

 Stronger Snowmen [2 currency]

   A snowmen, but all stats are boosted and have some melee fighting ability.

 Ice Rangers [4 currency]

   An ice sculpture of a human that moves. Summons icicles which act as melee/range. Weakness: Fire

 Skaters [6 currency]

   A small ice sculpture with skates and ice spears. Ground beneath it turns to ice. Weakness: Fire

 Frost Mages [8 currency]

   Has a staff which can create frost for walls, explosives, lasers, and floating. Weakness: Fire

Flying Enemies 

 Snowball Beetles [1 currency]

   Beetles with ice shells and packed snow bodies. Drops snowballs on fire sources. Weakness: Anything

Burrowing Enemies

 Ice Worms [5 currency]

   You feel a rumble underground when they attack. Freezing bites/venom. Weakness: Fire


 Colossal Ice Snake [12 split between participants, 12 for the killing blow]

   Stats of ice worm but scaled up massively. Body has ice scales for defense (can burn with fire but           they regrow). Summons enemies from rounds 1-4. 

Rob the Museum: No Holds Barred!

Main Rules

By orders of the Principal, You are back for another museum robbery. All the windows are locked down, so you can only enter and exit from 4 exits. North and South (Main exits/entrances) and the East/West side entrances.

You spawn with nothing and have to hunt the museum for weapons, but be warned, over the night, certain exhibits wake up and try to kill you.

This is a NO HOLDS BARRED game, meaning respawns are on (but you respawn losing all of your progress), and you DO NOT lose points for killing people! You can IM to surprise attack people, but please try to limit your IMs as I do not want to sort through that stuff. If the player you are attacking realizes you are there, take your fight to the main thread so it is easy to mod.


Everybody wants one object, namely, the GEM located in the very center of the museum. To complete the game get the diamond and get out. There is only 1 diamond on the map at a time and it will respawn once somebody escapes w/ the diamond. You gain 20 points for stealing the diamond (completing the game), up go 40 points based on how well you play, and up to 40 points based on your ranking (which diamond you steal). You cannot spawn camp a diamond once it is stolen, as the diamond will respawn in a different place every time.

How Exhibits and Guards Work

If something triggers their awakening (triggers are different for each NPC), the exhibit will awaken and attack you. Guards do exist as well, but they are incompetent and not your true problem. Certain exhibits can't be awakened and simply give items which can give you an advantage.


As a final note, there will be many player vs player engagements. Please try to keep arguing to a minimum. My decision IS final.

Rules will be updated over time. 


Murder Mystery: Chaos Party

Basic Rules

You wake up in a mysterious town. You spawn in your house, which is one floor and nice and empty. One person has a very evil intent- to murder everybody in the town. Once everybody has joined, I will use a random number generator to determine the murderer, and they will get an IM. They gain 20 points per kill. Villagers gain 10 points per half day they survive. When the murderer is killed, all alive innocents get 10 points and there is a bonus 36 points for killing the murderer (split between everybody who participates in deciding to kill them), and up to 20 points based on skill. Innocents do not lose points for killing innocents! If there are no deaths by a certain period of time, people will be voted out. This gives no points to the murderer.

During night, you may IM me to attack people in secret!


There is a big wall surrounding the map.

All houses are located at the north side. They are one floor with nothing special to them.

In the very center, there is a pavilion. Strong loot spawns here over time. Items only spawn here when many people are active. This prevents camping and AFK, as you might miss out on powerful items.

The armory exists at the south side of the map. It contains basic weapons, like knives and other items, but you can only carry so much at one time. Ask to see if a weapon/item you want is in the armory. There is no armor.

The warehouse exists on the east side of the map. You can find utility items like ladders and lighter fluid here. Ask to see if something is in the warehouse. 

The Hall is on the west side of the map. It is a calm place with no items in it, used as a meeting place. The center of the hall has a meeting table with many chairs and a screen, which displays stats and information. 

A voice is planted in every house and every location. This voice announces items being added into the pavilion and deaths (Deaths might not be announced immediately).

Day/Night Cycle

The day night cycle follows real time (EST). You can only IM actions during nighttime. During nighttime you are more sneaky. During daytime your actions are obvious and can be stated on the main thread. There is also sunset and sunrise between day/night. You can IM during that time, but you are still obvious if somebody sees you.


If nobody dies after a period of time, voting commences.

Each person casts a vote. If there's a tie, there's a vote between the two (or three) with the highest score and the two/three do not get a vote. If there is still a tie, I will hold a special vote (rules not decided for this special vote yet).

Another vote will be taken to who will be chosen to execute the person. If this person is the murderer, they get the kill credits.

Boss Battle: The Factory

Basic Rules

Your goal is to defeat a boss. The boss has three phases, each with a different moveset and way of taking damage or being defeated. You lose 10 points for dying by the boss and 10 points for killing an ally. Your base score is based on your play (100 for first, 95 for second, 90 for third, etc). There are secrets and achievements which grant points, but everybody gets the same ending. You can respawn. 


Everybody spawns in a circular room with an extremely high ceiling. Conveyor belts stretch from side to side. The walls are metal. There is one metal door, locked by a keypad of 5 digits. A big metal door acts as the entrance, and it is locked tight. 

There are more rooms, but they are hidden throughout the map. 


Vessel- These basic vessels drop from the sky through platforms. They can mimic players and NPCs from past games to trick people, but they are weak and die easily if they don't have a personality.

Clone- A powerful vessel which clones your personality and look. Do not die as easily as vessels. 

The Boss- A robotic creature which controls this facility. 


Wow! It's been a long time, hasn't it? Let's take ourselves back to the beginning. Time for a classical game of detention! 

Main Rules

Your goal is to escape the area in any way possible. There are a few designated exits, but so many ways to get there. The NPCs will all hinder your progress in some way. They are not invincible and you can harm them greatly, and sometimes even kill them. You can respawn with a new item after every death, but be warned, these deaths detract from your final score. Your final score is based on your ending with -10 points for every death.


This time around, there's 4 NPCs.

The Teacher- A strict teacher who's been forced to take care you, the unruly kids. She carries a ruler but tries not to use it. She spawns in the detention room. Ask her for permission to leave. She probably won't grant it, but at least try.

The Bully- He's been sent to detention. It's rumored that he's murdered people, but that's exactly what they are. Rumors. 

The Janitor- An old man who's been forced to clean up after the messy children and teachers. He might be old and have slightly bad vision, but he still has some kick left and is willing to use violence to solve his problems, which in this case is you. His cart is full of useful items. You can clog and break things to get him to clean it up, but he will despise you from there on out. 

The Hall Monitor- Why do they stay after classes? To watch kids like you. After some kids broke out of detention, they upped the security. These guys are only in it for the pay, though, and they might let you slip past for a hefty price. Else you'll have to resort to other methods. You can become a hall monitor once you beat the game (or respawn to try a different method of escape).


Wow, rooms! They might help you escape. Actually maybe it's the items in the rooms. I don't know.

We have the detention room, a room with 4 walls and only one exit. There is a 5x4 array of desks and one table, where the teacher sits. A sharpener, a mug full of pencils and pens, and an apple sit on her desk. You spawn in one of the seats with a school item of your choice. The bully spawns randomly in one of the seats as well.

We have the bathroom, a room with 4 walls and a very small window, placed very high up. You can't get through it. There are also three stalls, 3 sinks, 1 toilet paper roll next to each toilet for a total of three, and a soap dispenser. It is located next to the detention room. 

The final notable room is the supply closet! The janitor spawns here. There's a lot of useful objects here that you can use, but be warned, the janitor does't appreciate visitors. The supply closet is located moderately far away from the detention room/bathroom. The path is usually blocked by the janitor. 

Other rooms you find are only filled with motivational posters and desks. Wow, they don't have any windows either? What kind of school is this? Well, apparently windows were cited as a health hazard after some kid jumped out of one on the 2nd story. Who would ever think that was a good idea?

there's also some special secrets hidden around the map! maybe look for them? or don't, they might get you killed. Also there's multiple endings, so have fun with that.



Survive the Nights- Indie Games with @hitthepin edition

You have a flashlight and a mask. Set a difficulty and try to survive to 6:00 AM. A knowledge of Indie games gives a substantial advantage in gameplay.


Survive the Night v2

You spawn in an office. Invaders shall slowly leak in, from rooms or from the outside. Some can die, some can't. Find the secrets of this building, watch out for traps. Be the last one standing, or work together.

The most active players will get Special Items. Killing people gains 20 points and one karma. Surviving a day in game gets 5 points. At the end of a day the boss spawns. This mysterious being WILL kill somebody unless you somehow work together- or leave somebody out to die. Killing the boss will grant 10 points to the person who gets the finishing shot. If you let the boss kill someone, nobody wins.

King of the Hill (And also a ladder. There's a ladder)

The final area of Darkness Rising based, there's a hill in the middle of the arena. When controlling the hill it gives you 1 point per 3 hours and a strength and speed upgrade for the time. It gets stronger the longer you stay on the hill. To control the hill stand uncontested on the hill for 1 hour. The arena shrinks over time.

Teams of 2, you each have a sword and a shield. There is now KARMA as a stat. Betryals or Killing adds Karma to your score. Hint, it's not good.

Murder Mystery: Trust No One

Don't die.

Each kill the murderer gets, his reward (4 pts) doubles.

Hanging the murderer (voting somebody out) earns 20 pts to all remaining players.

3 pt survival.

Killing the murderer earns 30 points to that person, plus 15 for assisting.

Kills are silent, I won't announce who done it if it's PMed and no one will know when until they find the body.

The murderer starts with a knife as well as somebody else...

Everybody has a vial of poison to poison food/drinks.

There's hunger and thirst.

-2 pts for killing a citizen. 

The map is apartments, armory, grocery store, and mysterious house.

 Let the games begin! 

RTMxLCM v2: Pay Up!

This is a robbery game in an 8x8 free roam. Your base is EZIC at h8. You can improve different types of robbing by using sims and actually robbing. You are tasked with robbing certain houses for a certain item, but can rob houses for cash, which is donated to EZIC at h8 or kept (no advantage if you do). Donate enough and get weapons upgraded. You get pts for getting weapons upgraded (money stolen) or stealing accessories.

Max 10 weapon upgrades (5 pt to upgrade) and different accessories. 

There's EASY accessories at b3 and c2 (worth 10 pts each), medium accessories at e1, a5, and e5 (Worth 20 pts each), and hard accessories at a8 and h1 worth 25 pts each. Max is 110 pts.

Is there anything I missed? GO!

Boarding School Escape

You are a child (80 pounds) at a boarding school (map shown). Choose your spawn (One of the sleeping rooms). There are teachers who will order you to do things, one of which is extremely important: Lights out. Every time you disobey a rule you earn 1-3 dermits. Get 7 and you will be punished. You don't have to obey any said rule. Keep your eyes peeled for secrets and allies.

Pts: Up to 25 pts for finishing, up to 25 for style, up to 25 for risk, up to 25 for amount of dermits earned (less is better)


Murder Mystery v4

You're in a wonderful town. There is a grocery store (a1), a retail store (a4), a car rental (a2), apartments (d2, d3), a sports center, a graveyard (d1), a haunted house (c1), a town square (b2, b3, c2, c3), a hospital (d4), and a mayor's office (b4, c4) on a 4x4 grid.

You automatically earn 100 gold a day. There is a murderer and a detective chosen from the players, each of whom have a special task. The rest are innocents and just want to survive (and maybe even find the murderer!). There are also 5 citizens (NPCS), one of which is the Serial Killer, who aggressively hunts down people and other citizens.

The murderer gets 15 pts each person kill and 10 each citizen kill. Each citizen gets 10 survival pts each day, and the detective has the ability to accuse once per 2 days by saying who they think is the murderer (but the murderer will know who you are). Everybody but the murderer gets 30 pts for killing the murderer, and 30 for killing the serial killer (Murderer still gets his 10 pts). There is a pt cap of 100. Citizens and the detective get -5 pts for killing a fellow citizen. Murderer 20 pts for killing detective. If you kill an innocent/detective who has killed someone you do not lose points.

There are workers, which include the mayor, and the people who work in the shops. They do not count towards kill points. Stealing from them results in a punishment. Do not do it.



KOTL's 1st battle royale: With a twist!

It is a huge 16x16 island, with randomized spawning points. There is no map, just flat ground. You always know your coordinates. You always know where the circle will close. But you do not know where others are, and cannot tell their face unless they post here.

Each time the map closes in... I choose a different twist that changes how you play. Try your hand with my crazy events!

1 pt survival 1 pt per kill

Suddenly: Part 2

The winner of season 2 (@HolographWars) has chosen to accept the special potion from Joey Drew, which has turned him into a giant boss with a magic sword. The good thing is the Girl and Cookie have shown up to fight him, but are busy fighting Joey Drew SO DON'T ASK FOR HELP!! Cookie has already given you a Love Katana, which gains love when you work together, but easily spreads to 100% hate during one bad action/word (even said outside of in-game) and you get the choice to "Join the Dark Side." Joey Drew controls your in game points. 100 pts for killing a player, -100 for hurting the boss.

Capture the Flag

 2 teams of 4 1 person on each team is Scout, who is faster, has a telescope, extra IMs, and smaller hitbox but can't equip ranged weapons (not including shotguns).1000 gold a day per team, 250-333-500-1000 per player based on players left. Also an extra 50 gold per day if you are in the Central Castle.") no-repeat 0% 0%;height:360px;width:360px;">
Pawns: Wall
Knights: Side Forts
Black Bishops: Monster Spawners
White Bishops: Central Fort
Rooks: Doors
Queen: Shop
King: Main Fort

Team 1 (BDF, Aiden, eryxc, and htp) is White and Team 2 (TGA, Sacul, Phoenix, and benji) is Black.

1 pt for wining, 1 pt for capturing flag, 1 pt per kill.

Darkness Rising

You spawn on a platform in the middle of a giant metal tube going straight up. Your goal is get to the top and be the last one standing. You have to solve puzzles and sometimes work together to get through, and fight monsters all while avoiding the ink! 

1 pt survival to the 3 people highest when day ends. Winner gets 1 extra pt, 1 pt for killing, and there is a secret challenge that will grant 1 extra pt for completing!

Escape the Prison

You all spawn in a cell, which has a scrappy bed, a broken down sink, a dirty toilet, a spoon, toothbrush, and a barred window. Make bad moves and get sent to a worse cell (No spoon/brush, worse toilet/sink, worse bed, no barred window)

You can do anything in the perimeters of the prison that doesn't seem suspicious. 

pts ranked by finishing (4-1 pts) and style (3-1 pts)

Each day, if you are online

YOU MAY UPGRADE YOUR STATS 3 PTS (Strength, Speed, Stamina)

The rest of the time may be spent in the Cafeteria, playing ball/games with inmates/talking to inmates, or in your cell. Cafeteria time is enforced twice a day

Image result for roblox jailbreak prison map

Orange is cells, interrogation room

Red is cafeteria, janitors room, fitness center, recreation center

Courtyard- Basketball court, baseball field, field

Blue is officer's area, heli pad, resting quarters, taser armory (needs keycard). At free time, boost your physical power and stamina.

Respawns and 180 vision! Schedule considers Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner the same, free time isn't that limited, and cell time is very limited.

Survive the Nights!

You spawn with a flashlight and a fazbear mask

Go around the map sneakily and hide away. Team up or go solo and try to survive all the nights!

1 pt per night you survive, must do decent amount of actions. 1 pt per player you kill. The office has the cameras and is the only way to control power. You also have defenses there, but it's the anamatronics main target. Top 3 active players each night receive FAZCOINS, which are used to fend off anamatronics/cash in for death coins


Image result for fnaf 1 map

Each night, more anamatronics will appear...

180 Vision, No Respawns, pts based off listed above.

Murder Mystery v3: Motel Transylvania

You're in a 4 story hotel, map to be discovered. You spawn on floor 2-3, on north, east, south, or west side. Start with 100 gold and get 50 per day, earn more by completing quests (go to floor 1 and ask front desk for quest), one murderer is assigned. Areas of the motel shut down as the game progresses to shove people closer together.

Pts: Murderer gets 3 pts per kill, 2xpeople for a mass kill (2+ people)

Townspeople get -3 pts for killing townsperson, 8 for killing murderer (can be split), and survival pts (1 per day), 4 pts each if murder commits suicide

Assassin gets 4 pts each for assigned kill, -3 for each unassigned kill, 4 for killing murderer when assigned, 8 for killing murderer when not assigned, no survival points.

Season 2 Debut: All is One

Idea created by @RyChessMaster1

Story: You're lost, with no memory of what happened before. So, terribly lost... all you have is a picture of a hooded man, signed "Bob"...

You spawn at a mountain and pick 1 of three paths- down into the coal mines or up to the monastery of monks. Two people each tell you that they saw a hooded figure, one in each direction. Pick a path. Choose a fate...

360 Vision, Respawns, pts based off style, finishing, and extra tasks completed!


It's Time: Season 1 Finale!

You all start at Mesopatomian times, and make your way forward. The closer you get to the trophy, the more modern it becomes. This means boss fights, run and guns, and loot!

Work together or betray each other, the choice is yours!

0-10 pts for finishing, 1-10 for style. You may respawn. 360 vision.

Murder Mystery V2

Basically, you own a house where you hide an orb, everyone rob you of your orb while you try to steal theirs and a murderer tries to kill you (the murderer has an orb too!), keep his cover so he doesn't get caught, and everyone creates defenses for their house like hello neighbor.

We are using town houses instead of apartments, but rest of the map is the same, apartments are 4 floors (bottom is living room, kitchen, and dining room, 2nd floor is your room and bathroom, ladder to SMALL attic and stairs and door down to SMALL basement) Everyone IMs me so I know where the orbs/traps are.

Map: 4 areas, townhouses, armory (weapons, armor), Warehouse (items from coal to matches, basically any materialistic item you need [not food or weapons]), and grocery store, you have to BUY items and they must be out of stock. 100 gold per day (50 per extra orb you have)

1 murderer and 1 thief are randomly chosen. 5 IMs per day


Everyone: -10 to 5 pts for defenses. 

Townspeople: -5 for killing townsperson, +1 per day (survival), +10 for murderer, +3 per orb you have at game end, -5 per orb destroyed

Murderer: 4 pts per kill, +3 pts per orb you have at game end, -5 per orb destroyed


Rob The Museum

All of the players must find 1 of 10 orbs to complete the game. They are ranked 1-10 by pts.

You may bring as many items as you can fit (katana strapped on back, daggers in pockets [x2]) that sort of thing. The more [and stronger] items you bring, the less points you get for "Difficulty" 1-10, this includes your getaway vehicle, the thing you use to escape after retrieving the orbs.

Points for style (1-10) as well.

Map (here)

This is a high tech museum, so watch out for security cameras, windows are barred at night, skylight is barred as well, doors locked, but at day, a flurry of people are inside and it's hard to steal it without attracting attention...


Goal of the Game: FIND a love cookie and give it to the principal of the school on h8.

You may hold up to 3 items.

I'm using INTERSECTIONS where a chessboard the map, the squares are houses and the lines between the squares are roads. You must choose one of our options unless it's open ended or you want to check something.

Cookies are at:

Start at a1 school at h8
Start: Basic cookies (1-2 pts)
c2 and b3
Med. Cookies: e1, e5 and a5 (3,5)
Hard Cookies: a8 and h1 (6-7)
Special areas: g3 Creepy Forest
g5 Grocery store


You have to find the houses that hold the love cookies based on a map you find in the beginning of the game. 

There are forks in the road that represent difficulty (harder=more points) and the harder it is to get a love cookie, the more it's worth once the player wins.

There's 2 endings:

Death or


In a small town, there are 4 major places. A Grocery store, an armory, an apartment building, and a Mechanic shop (formerly sports center).
Grocery store has anything you can find in a grocery store, armory has any kind of weapon, apartment has your personal room where you store things, Mechanic shop any tools AND you can buff or modify your guns (WITH MY PERMISSION).
There is also a street. After I find out who is joining, I IM the murderer. Anyone can equip themselves with weapons, but your goal is to FIND THE MURDERER, not kill everyone else. You may not specify which area of a building you are in. If someone is IN YOUR BUILDING, they may attack you. Murderer gets 3 points every kill he gets, townspeople get 10 points for killing the murderer! You can also get points by survival time as a townsperson, but lose 5 for killing an innocent. You can defend yourself. When the murderer attacks you, you may have 1 post to BLOCK and COUNTERATTACK
No one knows who you are when you attack someone... IM me to attack, or if you want to make a private move.

Everyone starts at apartments with no weapon.


Everyone starts as a student (about 100 lbs). I am the detention monitor. You may try to escape using anything related to school that is small enough to fit in a normal sized school desk. If I don't refute it, you escape! When you escape, you may become the hall monitor. There is also a janitor, a hallway, a bathroom, and a janitors room.

Escape routes: Vent  (south) Door (very top right) Windows (lined along west)
Ranked by awesomeness of escape/ time of escape

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[GAME ARCHIVE] King of the Ladder: The Flipside

[GAME ARCHIVE] King of the Ladder: The Flipside

KOTL Official Rules

KOTL Official Rules