What Is The Best Chess Site?

What Is The Best Chess Site?

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There are many chess sites where you can play or learn about chess, but which one should you choose? The best chess site is Chess.com!

Here is why you should choose Chess.com to be your online chess home:

1. Chess.com has the most players online.

If you are looking to find a game quickly with someone at your skill level and your favorite time control, you will find the most opponents at Chess.com. Chess.com also has the strongest fair play policies to make sure you have an honest and fun game.

Chess.com Members Online

2. Chess.com has the best training tools.

If you want to improve your chess game, you can't find more content anywhere online.

  • Hone your tactics so that you never miss an opportunity.
  • Read articles from some of the best chess coaches in the world to deepen your knowledge of strategy and history.
  • Follow the news to always be informed about the top players and the major chess events.
  • Learn interactively with lessons.
  • Watch videos from our amazing authors for a quick hit of chess knowledge on a wide variety of topics.
  • Test your skills with drills.

Chess.com has a seemingly endless supply of instructional chess material.

65,000+ Tactics On Chess.com

3. The best players in the world play on Chess.com.

Whether it's in the PRO Chess League, the Speed Chess Championship, or just friendly games, you will regularly find the very best players in the world doing battle on Chess.com. Follow their games in our live server and be amazed while you learn from their incredible play.

Magnus Carlsen Plays On Chess.com

4. Chess.com has the most active chess community.

If you want to talk about chess, join a club, compete as a team, or meet new friends, then Chess.com is for you. There are more players online and in the forums than anywhere else. Join the largest online chess community and get connected!

5. Chess.com has the best chess apps.

Want to play on the go? With Chess.com, there is no need to be tied to the desktop or the laptop. Download Chess.com's apps and play games, solve puzzles, watch videos and more from your phone or tablet.

Play On Chess.com's Mobile Apps

If you don’t have a Chess.com account yet, sign up today.

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