What's Your Chess Personality?

What's Your Chess Personality?

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There are 64 squares on a chessboard, and many more ways to play the game.

We all know the styles of the great world champions: Fischer's relentless accuracy, Petrosian's impregnable defense, Karpov's clean and positional chess, Kasparov's sheer domination, and Tal's wizard-like attacks. There are many more great champions, and many more great styles.

But what's your chess style? What's your own chess personality? created a quick quiz where you can find out which chess style and which great player suits you the best.

All you need is a few minutes to answer 20 easy chess questions and this quiz will tell you things about your chess game you might not even know yourself. Written by IM Davis Pruess and IM Daniel Rensch when they were co-directors of content, the quiz is based on top-level chess analytics, making it both fun and accurate.

Take the quiz now to find out what kind of chess player you are.

Post a video or picture of your quiz results to Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #ChessPersonality and you could win a free premium membership. The first, second, and third posts selected as the most fun and entertaining will win a year of diamond, platinum, and gold membership, respectively. 

GM Hikaru Nakamura recently took the #ChessPersonality quiz to find out his own chess style. Would he get himself as an answer to the quiz, or has his game evolved since the quiz was written? Find out in the video below. 

As you can see, Nakamura is no longer the unpredictable chess barbarian he once was. As he has risen as high as the number-two-rated player in the world, Nakamura and his chess game have become more technical and accurate.

Nakamura has come a long way from his days as a chess barbarian, when he played this crazy GM game with 2. Qh5?! in 2005.

Nakamura The Barbarian:

When he took the #ChessPersonality quiz in October 2015, Nakamura was classified as a technician, which was embodied by the great technical champion, Vladimir Kramnik.

Appropriately enough, Nakamura defeated Kramnik is a sparkling technical win in 2013, clearly signaling Nakamura's new and more effective chess style.

Nakamura The Technician: 

You don't have to be a world championship candidate to appreciate your chess personality, though. Knowing your style is both fun and practically useful for players of all levels, from GM on down.

IM Danny Rensch was surprised to find out he is a chess grinder, much like Anatoly Karpov. 

"Look at me, everybody. I'm growing up," said Rensch upon learning his results:

Let us know which chess personality you got in the comments section or with the hashtag #ChessPersonality on Facebook. 

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