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The Pawn Center Controversy's Thumbnail

The Pawn Center Controversy

GM Gserper Jul 17, 2016

There are basic rules of chess strategy that we learn as soon as we start playing chess. One of the most fundamental premises is the importance of the center. We quickly learn that one of the major goals of positional chess is control ov...

If The Board Says ATTACK, Then ATTACK!'s Thumbnail

If The Board Says ATTACK, Then ATTACK!

IM Silman Jul 14, 2016

The Chess.com member kergnou said: “Can you take a look at my games and give me some advice?” Jeremy Silman: Okay, I’m going to review one game that shows many of your weaknesses. However, this game is actually one of the ...

Links to the Past II's Thumbnail

Links to the Past II

batgirl Jul 13, 2016

As in attics where things once used get stored out of sight and mind, old articles have a way of burying themselves under the weight of those that follow becoming lost and forgotten. Sometimes it pays to put on an apron and gloves, wal...

Picking The Correct Opening Repertoire's Thumbnail

Picking The Correct Opening Repertoire

GM Ginger_GM Jul 12, 2016

Picking the correct opening repertoire is one of the most important decisions that a chess player makes. There is no point starting the game with a series of moves that will lead you into a situation that you find unc...

The Best Pawn Moves Ever's Thumbnail

The Best Pawn Moves Ever

GM Gserper Jul 10, 2016

This article concludes our exploration of the best moves played by each chess piece throughout history. To my surprise, the tiniest guys in chess provided so much material that I have to agree with the great Philidor that "pawns are...

A Shark In A Rating Tank's Thumbnail

A Shark In A Rating Tank

IM Silman Jul 7, 2016

The Chess.com member jyuvaraj asks: "I’m a beginner. I wish to improve my game. I’m currently reading the step-by-step method by Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden. Will that help? What else should I do to improve? I’m also ...

Kings On Steroids's Thumbnail

Kings On Steroids

GM Ginger_GM Jul 5, 2016

The most sacred of all pieces is the king, a piece we must care for and nurture. Right!? Wrong!  In this article we are going to take a look at kings on steroids. The kings below are drugged up to their eyeballs and ready...

The Most Amazing Bishop Moves's Thumbnail

The Most Amazing Bishop Moves

GM Gserper Jul 3, 2016

Last week, we discussed the trickiest knight moves. Today, we'll choose the most amazing bishop move ever! I want to thank all the readers who contribute to our search for the ultimate chess beauty. While it is difficult to choose which b...

GM Blitz Battle Historical Archive's Thumbnail

GM Blitz Battle Historical Archive

FM MikeKlein Jul 1, 2016

Chess.com's GM Blitz Battle Championship began in 2016. With Death Matches as the precursor, this championship is different in several regards. The Blitz Battles are still three hours in length, but each match does not stand alone. The...

What Is The Initiative?'s Thumbnail

What Is The Initiative?

IM Silman Jun 30, 2016

The Chess.com member Mornarben wrote: “My question is about the initiative. I seem to be able to play well in the beginning, getting positions with good central control, but [I] never see a good way to launch an attack to seize the initiativ...

Blindfold Art's Thumbnail

Blindfold Art

batgirl Jun 29, 2016

Convergences: Miles of String  by Marcel Duchampfrom the "First Papers of Surrealism" exhibition New York 1942, for the benefit of the French war relief societiesPhoto by John Schiff hangs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Untitled scul...

Get Better At Chess For Everyone: Comparison's Thumbnail

Get Better At Chess For Everyone: Comparison

NM danheisman Jun 28, 2016

When you see a good move, don't play it. Look for a better one. This is the number-one principle in chess. Over the years, I have also told my students: You are trying to find the best move you can in a reasonable amount of time. I...

Fighting For Initiative's Thumbnail

Fighting For Initiative

TigerChess Jun 26, 2016

Seizing the initiative is not something that just happen. There's a strategy to gaining the initiative. However, the importance of playing aggressively doesn't justify reckless abandon. In this series, learn how to properly fight for the init...

FIDE World Cup Highlights — 2015's Thumbnail

FIDE World Cup Highlights — 2015

TigerChess Jun 26, 2016

There's nothing like a clash of the titans. The FIDE World Cup always lays a wonderful foundation for great moments in chess. 2015 was no exception. Get all the highlights from one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year.  ...

Dynamic Chess With GM Khachiyan's Thumbnail

Dynamic Chess With GM Khachiyan

TigerChess Jun 26, 2016

What is dynamic chess? You'll find out here as GM Melik Khachiyan teaches you to compound your advantages and really put pressure on opponents. There's nothing like learning from in-game examples. Watch a great teacher break down dynamic chess fro...

Defense And Prophylaxis's Thumbnail

Defense And Prophylaxis

TigerChess Jun 26, 2016

Defense wins championships! The old cliche may not always apply to chess, but great defenders have certainly made a name for themselves. Tigran Petrosian and Vladimir Krammnik knew one thing for sure, if your opponent keeps crashing into a brick w...

Coach Keaton Reporting's Thumbnail

Coach Keaton Reporting

TigerChess Jun 26, 2016

We all have our favorite areas to study. In this series, you'll get to enjoy two of IM Keaton Kiewra's favorites: kingside attacks and queen endgames. As usual, coach Keaton has found some of the more exciting games on Chess.com for his lectu...

The Trickiest Knight Moves Ever's Thumbnail

The Trickiest Knight Moves Ever

GM Gserper Jun 26, 2016

Today, we continue our investigation (started in this article) of the weirdest, funniest and trickiest moves ever played. This time, we'll talk about knight moves. To tell you the truth, I thought knights were going to be the easi...

Watch Magnus Carlsen vs Tigran Petrosian's Thumbnail

Watch Magnus Carlsen vs Tigran Petrosian

pete Jun 23, 2016

The three-hour, round-one match between Magnus Carlsen and Tigran Petrosian will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time (1 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. GMT) Thursday, June 23. Click here to find the match's starting time in your own...

Magnus Carlsen vs Tigran Petrosian: Preview's Thumbnail

Magnus Carlsen vs Tigran Petrosian: Preview

FM MikeKlein Jun 22, 2016

What's the biggest underdog story in sports? What's the biggest in chess? Thursday's much-hyped GM Blitz Battle between top-seeded World Champion Magnus Carlsen and qualifier Tigran Petrosian might seem more equal if the "other Petrosian" w...

When A Game Is Many Games's Thumbnail

When A Game Is Many Games

IM Silman Jun 21, 2016

The Chess.com member te_amo (from Kolkata, India) asked me to point out his weakness in his games. He said: “I undergo no sort of professional training, and I aspire to be over 2000 someday.” Mr. te_amo, the fact is that people start...

The Craziest Queen Moves Ever's Thumbnail

The Craziest Queen Moves Ever

GM Gserper Jun 19, 2016

First of all I would like to thank our readers for their contribution to last week's article. Many of you shared your chess knowledge and helped to uncover some little-known games with really stunning moves. Since in that article&nb...

Cannibal Chess Players In The Avocado Jungle Of Death's Thumbnail

Cannibal Chess Players In The Avocado Jungle Of Death

IM Silman Jun 16, 2016

The Chess.com member rosyflamitto said: “I usually blunder a lot, mainly in middlegames. Will you please look at few my games and give me some advice?” Jeremy Silman: Before continuing, a word to those reading this article: I am ge...


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