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The Deadliest Chess Pattern's Thumbnail

The Deadliest Chess Pattern

GM Gserper Aug 21, 2016

There are many patterns in chess which you should know if you want to become strong. I have discussed many of them in this column through the years. Today, I'll talk about the deadliest chess pattern, the one that usually ...

Windows Of Chess Opportunity's Thumbnail

Windows Of Chess Opportunity

IM Silman Aug 18, 2016

In an amateur chess game, opportunities abound. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often missed. Positional gains are snubbed, tactics are missed, a winning endgame is agreed drawn, and mutual fear leads both players into a deep, dark abyss.&n...

Carlsen vs Grischuk: Blitz Battle Facts vs Feelings's Thumbnail

Carlsen vs Grischuk: Blitz Battle Facts vs Feelings

FM MikeKlein Aug 17, 2016

GM Magnus Carlsen has proven himself the world's best in classical, rapid, and blitz. Now it's time to face the bullet. Having won official world championships in three disciplines, there aren't many mountains left to climb, even for a Norwegian...

Which Olympic Sport Is Most Like Chess?'s Thumbnail

Which Olympic Sport Is Most Like Chess?

pete Aug 16, 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway right now in Brazil as 207 national delegations compete for medals in 28 sports, 41 different disciplines, and 306 total events. Unfortunately for chess fans, the royal game is not among them. And don’...

Lessons From Carlsen: The Draw Problem's Thumbnail

Lessons From Carlsen: The Draw Problem

GM Gserper Aug 14, 2016

The recent super-tournament in Bilbao is a part of chess history already. It will be remembered for many different things. While Hikaru Nakamura will always cherish the memory of his first win over Magnus Carlsen, many chess enthusiasts will ...

Minority Attack: Turn Your Pawns Into Weapons's Thumbnail

Minority Attack: Turn Your Pawns Into Weapons

IM Silman Aug 11, 2016

ih8sens (real name: Matt Nicholson) is a national master rated 2329. He asked the following: “I have a position that I’m curious about. The majority of players I’ve asked believe that Black should not play 18…Bxg3.&...

How To Play When You're Winning Easily's Thumbnail

How To Play When You're Winning Easily

NM danheisman Aug 10, 2016

In all sports, you play much differently when you are winning easily. In baseball, if you are leading 8-0 in the 8th inning, you would not pull your fresh relief pitcher out of the game to pinch hit and try to get another run. In soccer, if y...

Patterns: Bishop+Rook Mates's Thumbnail

Patterns: Bishop+Rook Mates

batgirl Aug 10, 2016

     Many naturally talented chess players effortlessly envision mating patterns, applying them or threatening their application with amazing ease.  Other, less talented players such as myself, must keep hammering t...

Chess.com Interviews Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Stein's Thumbnail

Chess.com Interviews Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Stein

News Aug 9, 2016

Chess.com was able to sit down with each of the four major presidential candidates last week as they turned their attention to courting the ever-important chess demographic. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein w...

Are You A Giant Of Positional Chess?'s Thumbnail

Are You A Giant Of Positional Chess?

GM Gserper Aug 7, 2016

In our article last year, we talked about how to improve your positional chess. Today, I want to give you an opportunity to test your strategic skills. The game we'll use for our quiz is quite remarkable. Anatoly Karpov is...

School Chess Fails PR Test's Thumbnail

School Chess Fails PR Test

GM GMIanRogers Aug 4, 2016

Boris Gelfand’s musings in a recent interview on the benefits of children playing chess for its own sake - “Only a fraction will play professionally, but the rest will acquire the skill of strategic planning and the habit of thinking, ...

Who Was The Greatest Chess Theorist?'s Thumbnail

Who Was The Greatest Chess Theorist?

IM Silman Aug 4, 2016

Axorcist wrote: “My question is this: Who do you consider to be the greatest chess theorist of all time? I have never read a good review on who really had the most influence on the development of knowledge in our beautiful game. Was i...

5 Reasons Chess Is Better Than Pokémon Go's Thumbnail

5 Reasons Chess Is Better Than Pokémon Go

pete Aug 2, 2016

Pokémon Go is the fastest-growing smartphone game in history, and it's been dominating the news since its launch in July, at least in the gaming world. But is it a better game than chess? We don't think so. While both games have their f...

Wanna Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?'s Thumbnail

Wanna Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?

GM Gserper Jul 31, 2016

George C. Parker was a famous con man.  Here is what Wikipedia says about him: "He made his living conducting illegal sales of property he did not own, often New York's public landmarks, to unwary immigrants. The Brooklyn Bridge was th...

Fixing Your Weaknesses's Thumbnail

Fixing Your Weaknesses

IM Silman Jul 28, 2016

This week, we’ll take a look at a young Indian player, Sakshi1234567. She had this to say: “I am 13 years old. My father taught me chess when I was 10. I’ve been taking the game seriously from October 2015. I want to become a g...

USA—USSR's Thumbnail


batgirl Jul 27, 2016

     In 1945, right after WWII ended, a team of United States players competed against a team of Soviet players in a chess match via radio. While the U.S. team expected stiff competition, there was little doubt in...

The Armenian Chess Secret's Thumbnail

The Armenian Chess Secret

GM dbojkov Jul 26, 2016

On the free day at the Jermuk Women's Grand Prix tournament way back in 2010, I had a pleasant opportunity to chat with the hosts. My conversation with the chief organizer and famous GM Smbat Lputian inevitably touched on the r...

Carlsen vs Karjakin And Crude Oil's Thumbnail

Carlsen vs Karjakin And Crude Oil

GM Gserper Jul 24, 2016

The world championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin is getting closer, and it is time to update our old forecast. This time I will channel my inner Nate Silver and provide you with some numbers.  Let's loo...

Chess Criminals And The Games They Play's Thumbnail

Chess Criminals And The Games They Play

IM Silman Jul 21, 2016

As a man that has many interests (UFOs, martial arts, philosophy, various forms of history [chess and non-chess], literature, art, film, music, and even criminology), I recently began reading an excellent book entitled "Shady Side: The Life and Cr...

The Birth And Development Of The Hillbilly Attack's Thumbnail

The Birth And Development Of The Hillbilly Attack

GM Ginger_GM Jul 19, 2016

People are obsessed with chess openings. Amazon shows 28,265 books listed when you search for "Chess Book", but I expect the number of books written on the game is well over 100,000. If I were to hedge a bet, then I would also guess that...

The Pawn Center Controversy's Thumbnail

The Pawn Center Controversy

GM Gserper Jul 17, 2016

There are basic rules of chess strategy that we learn as soon as we start playing chess. One of the most fundamental premises is the importance of the center. We quickly learn that one of the major goals of positional chess is control ov...


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