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A Squid Plays Chess's Thumbnail

A Squid Plays Chess

IM Silman Feb 25, 2016

Chess.com member Squid22 wrote: “I played 5.Nb5 to be obnoxious. It wouldn’t be hard to make this knight move harmless (5...d6, and then I’ve just wasted a move). However, my opponent played 5...a6. That moves looks natura...

Fun & Blood's Thumbnail

Fun & Blood

batgirl Feb 24, 2016

    Edward Lasker published his delightful book "Chess of Fun & Chess for Blood" in 1942.  In this book he examined Chess from the different perspectives of various amateurs in juxtaposition to that of serious tourn...

How To Use A Chess Computer's Thumbnail

How To Use A Chess Computer

GM DanielNaroditsky Feb 23, 2016

Whether you are a Luddite or technophile, the importance of being able to successfully collaborate with a chess computer cannot be overstated. In every stage and aspect of the game — opening preparation, endgame theory, game analysis&...

Are You A Chess Expert? Take Our Quiz's Thumbnail

Are You A Chess Expert? Take Our Quiz

GM Gserper Feb 21, 2016

You definitely like chess. But are you an expert? No, I am not talking about the USCF title you get when your USCF rating is above 2000 but less than 2200 (which is the master title). You can be a USCF expert but not a true expert of chess and v...

Finding Your Real Weaknesses's Thumbnail

Finding Your Real Weaknesses

IM Silman Feb 18, 2016

I get a lot of letters from Chess.com members, and though their ratings run the gamut, I do my best to address all ratings as best I can. Today I’ll turn my attention to two players below 1500 : Mr. Prashant1994 and Mr. Rrrtttyyyuuuiii. I&...

How Chess Saved Beethoven's Thumbnail

How Chess Saved Beethoven

batgirl Feb 17, 2016

A Little Background:      A man named Wolfgang von Kempelen created a supposed chess-playing machine in 1770.  A chess master cleverly concealed inside controlled the exposed turbaned, mustached figure and the moves...

Even GMs Are Human's Thumbnail

Even GMs Are Human

GM Ginger_GM Feb 16, 2016

Many a myth has been discussed about the "superhuman" power that a grandmaster holds over the chessboard. Amateur players tend to look at us GMs as untouchable geniuses that cannot put a foot wrong when shuffling our pieces about. I am now going...

The Opening Boomerang's Thumbnail

The Opening Boomerang

GM Gserper Feb 14, 2016

Every chess player knows about two inevitable opening catastrophes: scholar's mate and the Fried Liver Attack. I still remember my shock when in one of my first tournaments I played what looked like reasonable moves and yet the resulting position ...

Fixing Common Errors's Thumbnail

Fixing Common Errors

IM Silman Feb 11, 2016

Errors. Sometimes we notice them (or think we notice them), and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes, and in many cases we are oblivious to them and, as a result, repeat these invisible horrors over and over. Most commo...

A Quiet Game in Germantown in 1762's Thumbnail

A Quiet Game in Germantown in 1762

batgirl Feb 10, 2016

     The January 1962 issue of "Chess Review" featured an article written by John Frederick Harbeson.  The article was a reprint of one that had appeared in "The Germantowne Crier."  The author was a prominent Philade...

Why Chess Players Blunder's Thumbnail

Why Chess Players Blunder

Vik-Hansen Feb 9, 2016

We have seen them, haven’t we? The howlers? Amateurs and professionals alike in the aftermath of a game, trying to explain their blunder, shaking their heads in disbelief, scratching their brows, sighing while trying to come up with a ration...

Who Loved These Knight Moves?'s Thumbnail

Who Loved These Knight Moves?

GM Gserper Feb 7, 2016

When we analyzed "An Opening Line For Masters" last week, I chose GM Igor Zaitsev as our opening guide for a reason. It is difficult to name another chess player who introduced that many absolutely paradoxical opening novelties. Today ...

Castling Early And Piece Coordination's Thumbnail

Castling Early And Piece Coordination

IM Silman Feb 4, 2016

Should You Castle Early? Question: Chess.com member scmooney asked, “You stress castling early. In my experience I find that sometimes castling takes the king right into an ambush. In your lecture on attacking a castled king, Black’s...

Surprise Mating Attacks's Thumbnail

Surprise Mating Attacks

batgirl Feb 3, 2016

     The following is a reprint of a charming article composed by Al Horowitz in "Chess Review," Nov. 1953. Of course, this version has been updated to Algebraic Notation with the digital supplanting the physical. Al Horow...

Can You Win Our Fake Chess Celebrity Contest?'s Thumbnail

Can You Win Our Fake Chess Celebrity Contest?

pete Feb 2, 2016

Many celebrities enjoy playing chess. Howard Stern, the famous radio host, is a confirmed chess fanatic. Rainn Wilson, the actor who played Dwight Schrute on the long-running NBC series The Office, got the chance to play the world chess c...

Steeled's Thumbnail


JoseDiaz Feb 2, 2016

© 2016, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website

The Anatomy Of A Chess Brilliancy's Thumbnail

The Anatomy Of A Chess Brilliancy

GM DanielNaroditsky Feb 2, 2016

In round four of the recently-concluded 2015 Qatar Masters, I found myself across the board from a rather obscure individual known as Vladimir Kramnik (yes, I am being sarcastic). As the chief arbiter made the usual pre-game announcements, I recal...

An Opening Line For Masters's Thumbnail

An Opening Line For Masters

GM Gserper Jan 31, 2016

Last week we analyzed a line that could be a decent opening weapon for club players. As you remember, unlike the openings played by super-grandmasters, it didn't require any special opening knowledge and could be learned in one minute. The obvio...

A List of One’s Own: The New Top 100 Women Rankings's Thumbnail

A List of One’s Own: The New Top 100 Women Rankings

News Jan 30, 2016

By Maret Thorpe. Photo: Tae Moon [Reprinted with permission of the author and US Chess.] “I’m so honored to have made it on to the first iteration of the Top Women Age 50 and Over! I hope these newly added lists encourage mo...

Opening Questions And A Dream Mate's Thumbnail

Opening Questions And A Dream Mate

IM Silman Jan 28, 2016

Openings That Lead to a Draw Question: Chess.com member jos2001 wrote, “I’m a 1076-ranked player who wants to know the best openings to draw.” Answer: Though various openings are known to be drawish at the master level (and u...

Capt. Bertin's Gambit's Thumbnail

Capt. Bertin's Gambit

batgirl Jan 27, 2016

     The Cunningham Defense in the King's Gambit Accepted begins 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3 Be7.  White moves the Bishop to give his King a place to go with 4. Bc4.  If Black continues with the threatened 4... Bh4+ ...

3 Ways To Review Your Openings's Thumbnail

3 Ways To Review Your Openings

FM hellokostya Jan 26, 2016

Every chess game begins with an opening, which means that when reviewing your own games, it's important to analyze what happened in the first few moves. Here are three ways to improve your openings: Evaluate the outcome of the opening. Did you...


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