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A Little Mystery's Thumbnail

A Little Mystery

IM Silman May 4, 2016

Let’s take a quick look (no notes) at the following game. We will be looking at a few games by the Chess.com member RevolNoom, a young man (born 2001) from Hanoi, Vietnam (I was there a few years ago and had a very good time). H...

The German Morphy's Thumbnail

The German Morphy

batgirl May 4, 2016

     Most chess enthusiasts are aware that the young Wilhelm Steinitz was sometimes referred to as "the Austrian Morphy."  Some might even know that Cecil de Vere had been called "the English Morphy."  Few, ho...

How To Watch The Nakamura-Harikrishna Blitz Battle's Thumbnail

How To Watch The Nakamura-Harikrishna Blitz Battle

pete May 3, 2016

Chess.com is proud to offer several viewing options for the Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship. The three-hour, round-one match between Hikaru Nakamura and Pentala Harikrishna will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time (1 p.m. Eas...

Special Titled Tuesday Offers $4,000 In Prizes's Thumbnail

Special Titled Tuesday Offers $4,000 In Prizes

pete May 3, 2016

This week's Titled Tuesday will feature a doubled prize pool and some new prize categories for what is expected to be the largest combined field in the event's history. You can watch Titled Tuesday coverage on May 3 at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pa...

The Three Philidor Positions's Thumbnail

The Three Philidor Positions

GM Gserper May 1, 2016

The chess heritage of Francois Andre Danican Philidor is enormous. There is an opening named after him (1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6) and three endgame positions all called "the Philidor Position"! The Philidor position in rook endgames is o...

Amateur Game Review's Thumbnail

Amateur Game Review

TigerChess Apr 30, 2016

Kudos to the brave members who contributed their games to this series. This time we're analyzing submissions from amateurs looking to take that next step. Sometimes we need a second pair of eyes to break down our mistakes and explore areas of impr...

A Universal System's Thumbnail

A Universal System

TigerChess Apr 30, 2016

For some reason, certain openings give players trouble no matter how well versed they are in theory. Sometimes this is a matter of style. This series is designed to explore a universal system against hypermodern openings, a system known for caus...

Everything You Need to Know's Thumbnail

Everything You Need to Know

TigerChess Apr 30, 2016

Ready to learn Chess? It's no easy task. In fact, how did you score in your Quantum Physics class?  We're only joking. Chess may have the reputation as a game for the brilliant only, but this is a common misconception. Chess is not only eas...

The Art Of 'Tempo Moves' In Chess's Thumbnail

The Art Of 'Tempo Moves' In Chess

TigerChess Apr 30, 2016

Why title this series "The Art Of The Tempo Move In Chess"? Tempos are more than a tactical strategy. With the right finesse and calculation, tempos can subtly generate a number of different threats against your opponent. In this five-part serie...

How To Avoid Hanging Stuff's Thumbnail

How To Avoid Hanging Stuff

IM Silman Apr 28, 2016

The Chess.com member KayOneM asked about the pros and cons of his games and how he can improve his play. He also mentioned that “in some positional games, when I don’t have any tactics or tricky attack, I don’t know how to improv...

Chess.com Weekly Study Master Guide's Thumbnail

Chess.com Weekly Study Master Guide

jdcannon Apr 25, 2016

Every great chess master agrees that time spent with endgame studies is time well spent! Courtesy of Yochanan Afek, grandmaster for composing endgame studies, Chess.com posts a new puzzle each week for your enjoyment and chess enrichment. ...

Chess Chicken's Thumbnail

Chess Chicken

JoseDiaz Apr 23, 2016

© 2016, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website

Hammer's Rest Day Report: Norway Chess 2016's Thumbnail

Hammer's Rest Day Report: Norway Chess 2016

GM SultanOfKings Apr 23, 2016

Editor's note: In an exclusive to Chess.com, Grandmaster Jon Ludvig Hammer writes his thoughts on what's happened in Norway so far, original analysis of some of the key games, and some fun, behind-the-scenes looks at what the players do ...

First Brilliancy Prizes's Thumbnail

First Brilliancy Prizes

batgirl Apr 20, 2016

     Throughout the years there have been hundreds, maybe thousands, of brilliancy prizes offered.  Some are just games, albeit extremely clever ones, while others have their own stories. Some even have stories that hove...

The Positional Threat's Thumbnail

The Positional Threat

GM DanielNaroditsky Apr 19, 2016

When you think of the word "threat," what comes to mind? A threat of checkmate, perhaps? A threat to trap your piece? An indirect threat against your queen?  Whatever your specific mental representation, it is most likely tactical...

The Death Of The Berlin Defense's Thumbnail

The Death Of The Berlin Defense

GM Gserper Apr 17, 2016

"You might not be able to fight like a samurai, but you can at least die like a samurai." -- Kill Bill, Vol. 1.  The Berlin Defense in the Ruy Lopez is a very peculiar opening. Spectators hate it, most chess players hate it (coun...

Test Your Chess Understanding's Thumbnail

Test Your Chess Understanding

IM Silman Apr 14, 2016

First, let me implore you to read the notes to the puzzles: The prose and variations are what makes this new series worthwhile, so PLEASE try and solve the puzzle and then go back (whether you got it right or not), click on the little question mar...

Carlsen vs Karjakin:  Who Will Win?'s Thumbnail

Carlsen vs Karjakin: Who Will Win?

GM Gserper Apr 10, 2016

The Candidates' Tournament 2016 is a part of chess history already. You all know the results, so there is no point to recap it again. Two popular internet memes summarize very well how the tournament will be remembered. One of them depicts Presi...

Dancing With Yourself's Thumbnail

Dancing With Yourself

IM Silman Apr 7, 2016

When I look at games played by 1500-rated players and below, I see many weaknesses, but one is almost ubiquitous: both players are, more or less, dancing with themselves. What this means is that a player decides to do this or that, he might calcul...

How To Watch The Aronian-Grischuk Blitz Battle's Thumbnail

How To Watch The Aronian-Grischuk Blitz Battle

pete Apr 6, 2016

Chess.com is proud to offer several viewing options for the Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship. The three-hour round-one match between  Levon Aronian and Alexander Grischuk will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, April 6...

Cuba's Thumbnail


batgirl Apr 6, 2016

Avenida de las Palmeras, Habana, ca. 1904      A large island in the Caribbean, this former Spanish colony lies just 93 miles from the state of Florida.  Its proximity to the United States, the inherent beauty of the...


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