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Hammertime In Norway's Thumbnail

Hammertime In Norway

TigerChess Nov 1, 2016

In our next installment of "Amazing Games," you're sure to be blown away by the time and travels of GM Jon Ludvig Hammer. Hammer is one of the best players in the world and has been a part of some of the best games in recent history. Watch just on...

The Giuoco Piano's Thumbnail

The Giuoco Piano

TigerChess Nov 1, 2016

In this series, GMs Roman Dzindzichashvili and Melik Khachiyan explore one of the first chess openings to come into existence, the Giuoco Piano. While there are great advantages for Black in gaining the d5-square, the road to success is bumpy, to ...

Gems From The 2012 U.S. Championship's Thumbnail

Gems From The 2012 U.S. Championship

TigerChess Nov 1, 2016

It's an older archive but still worth its weight in gold. Review the best rounds from the memorable 2012 U.S. Championships with GM Eugene Perelshteyn. This tournament exceeded every chess lover's expectations. Witness the endgame prowess of GM Hi...

Game Analysis By Sam Shankland's Thumbnail

Game Analysis By Sam Shankland

TigerChess Nov 1, 2016

In this series, GM Sam Shankland provides in-depth analysis on a series of games played between world-class competitors. There's much to learn from this series. See how grandmasters prepare against an opponent who's caught fire, rebound ...

Retreat To Win In Chess's Thumbnail

Retreat To Win In Chess

GM Gserper Oct 30, 2016

Many years ago, GM Alexander Ivanov made his famous statement "Russians do not retreat!" As one of our readers, Osokor, correctly pointed out, this is not historically accurate. Indeed, in the Great Patriotic War of 1812, the Russia...

Nerves, Endurance, And Love Of The Game's Thumbnail

Nerves, Endurance, And Love Of The Game

IM Silman Oct 27, 2016

Nerves MagicLian asked: “I am 11 years old (rated 1416) and get very nervous at tournaments. How can I get over it?” JS: Believe it or not, this is the first time anyone has asked this! I really enjoy new or rarely-asked questions!...

How To Watch Carlsen vs Nakamura's Thumbnail

How To Watch Carlsen vs Nakamura

pete Oct 26, 2016

[Editor's note: The full broadcast replay of the match can be viewed on Twitch here.] This is it. Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura with everything on the line: the Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship to finally decide who is the...

Eisenberg's Strange Gambit's Thumbnail

Eisenberg's Strange Gambit

batgirl Oct 26, 2016

      One of the oddest, yet intriguing variations in the King's Gambit Accepted is one discovered by Louis Eisenberg.              Louis R. Eisenberg  ...

The New Yorker Or The Norwegian: Who Ya Got?'s Thumbnail

The New Yorker Or The Norwegian: Who Ya Got?

FM MikeKlein Oct 24, 2016

You've marked your calendar for October 27.  You've read the reasons you should watch the biggest event in online chess history. You've read the stats and analytics showing just how incredibly accurate the two combatants pl...

Advanced Patterns: Pin And Win's Thumbnail

Advanced Patterns: Pin And Win

GM Gserper Oct 23, 2016

In our last article, we discussed the importance of typical chess patterns using a pin as an example. As you become proficient in recognizing chess patterns, you'll see them everywhere! Suddenly you'll realize that the Morphy's "Ope...

7 Reasons To Watch Carlsen vs Nakamura Thursday's Thumbnail

7 Reasons To Watch Carlsen vs Nakamura Thursday

pete Oct 20, 2016

Attention all chess fans: This is not a drill. This Thursday, Magnus Carlsen faces Hikaru Nakamura for the inaugural Chess.com Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship. It's the match we've all been waiting for, and you can watch it live next Thu...

Charles de Maurian: Problemist's Thumbnail

Charles de Maurian: Problemist

batgirl Oct 19, 2016

     Charles de Maurian, well known as Paul Morphy's childhood and life-long friend, developed very quickly as a chess player.  He began learning the game from Morphy during the 1853-4 school year at Spring Hill College ...

The Fastest Way To Improve Your Chess's Thumbnail

The Fastest Way To Improve Your Chess

GM Gserper Oct 16, 2016

I bet most of our readers have heard the overused cliche, "Chess is 99% tactics." This catchy phrase underlines the importance of calculation in chess, but is chess really 99% tactics? Well, it depends. The chess competition betwe...

Top Ten Scan's Thumbnail

Top Ten Scan

JoseDiaz Oct 15, 2016

© 2016, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website

The Time-Trouble Blues's Thumbnail

The Time-Trouble Blues

IM Silman Oct 13, 2016

EscapePlan69 asked: “I get into time trouble in most of my games while my opponents always have plenty of time left. How can I improve my time management? My tournament games are one hour and 30 minutes plus 30 seconds per move.” J...

The Magic Square In Chess's Thumbnail

The Magic Square In Chess

GM Gserper Oct 9, 2016

Mikhail Tal was known not only for his fierce attacks and beautiful sacrifices but also for his amusing stories that made even non-chess-players smile. We discussed one such story in this article. Here is another anecdote&...

Is A Knight On The Rim Always Grim?'s Thumbnail

Is A Knight On The Rim Always Grim?

IM Silman Oct 6, 2016

SkladakoV’s question is about this position. He asked: “What if White doesn’t take by 16.Bxa5? Doesn’t that leave the knight on a5 stuck on the side of the board?” Jeremy Silman: I think most people wou...

How To Think Critically In Chess's Thumbnail

How To Think Critically In Chess

NM danheisman Oct 5, 2016

Chess is a thinking game. Thought processes and time management are intertwined and are two of the most important skills. I break down time management into two sub-skills: Macro Time Management: The ability to use almost all of your time eve...

7 Bullet Chess Tips By Hikaru Nakamura's Thumbnail

7 Bullet Chess Tips By Hikaru Nakamura

GM Hikaru Oct 4, 2016

Editor’s note: Hikaru Nakamura is widely considered the best speed chess player in history. A vote by titled players confirmed this last year. Nakamura will face World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the three-hour GM Blitz Ba...

Botvinnik's Winning Chess Method's Thumbnail

Botvinnik's Winning Chess Method

GM Gserper Oct 2, 2016

The Botvinnik-Kasparov school that I had privilege to attend was an unbelievable experience. The sheer fact that two legends were sitting just about five feet from you was very exciting! One of the strongest memories from the school was the w...

Study Plan For Advanced Players: Tactics!'s Thumbnail

Study Plan For Advanced Players: Tactics!

News Oct 1, 2016

Target Skill Range: Advanced (Rated 1800-1999) Tasks: Identify and address your tactical weaknesses. Complete a perfect ten. Complete the legendary 30-minute drill. Develop your visualization skills. Complete these tactics-themed le...

Study Plan for Advanced Players: Strategy's Thumbnail

Study Plan for Advanced Players: Strategy

News Oct 1, 2016

Target Skill Range: Advanced Path (Rated 1800-1999) Tasks: Learn the power of the pieces!!! Improve your knowledge of dynamics and tension in chess. Know how to exploit exchanges. Improve your prophylactic thinking and defense! ...

Study Plan For Advanced Players: Endgames's Thumbnail

Study Plan For Advanced Players: Endgames

News Oct 1, 2016

Target Skill Range: Advanced Path (Rated 1800-1999) Tasks: Develop "endgame thinking." Master king activity in the endgame. Understand the winning and drawing chances of opposite-colored bishops. Improve your understanding of en...


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