Workout #2

Jun 20, 2015, 4:12 PM |

Hello everyone! Today we are going to look at a variaty of positions. First there will be a diagram, then a puzzle(if you wish to try and solve the problem which I recamend),and finnaly the awnser.

When looking at the diagrams remember to 

a.look at all the possible moves 

b. try to follow all the variations to a win or draw

Diagram #1    








Puzzle #1

                                    Solution #1

            Diagram #2





                                      Puzzle #2

                                           Solution #2


             When playing your games it is important to look for variations that could help you draw or win.(apolgies for any spelling mistakes, puzzles and games not lined up, a piece that changed place in a puzzle or diagram and extra space at the bottom of the post. I am just learning how to put multitple puzzles in one post)