Chess and Basketball???

Chess and Basketball???

IM DanielRensch
Jan 27, 2011, 5:05 PM |

Hey Community! Check this out...

It's an article about my cousin (Harper Kamp -- pictured right). Harper plays basketball for the Cal Bears, and in this interview he talks about how chess has helped him in many ways throughout his basketball career.

He tells some about our chess team's origins, how, when and why he learned to play chess (our grandpa taught us both to play in the summer of 1995 in the small town of Tonto, Village Arizona), etc -- BUT the main reason I am sharing the article is because it brings some great "outside press" to our chess.

As a "Professional Chess Nerd" Tongue out, it's easy to appreciate articles and media coverage that provide great examples of how chess develops and improves a person's critical thinking skills, cognitive development, and can generally help a person excel in many different areas of life.

The article also reminds us that chess can be such a great thing to expose a child to at a young age! Unlike most other sports, the "game of kings" naturally builds so many important "life muscles": Thinking ahead; cause and effect awareness; etc...

A jock giving credit to "nerd-jocks" (meaning chess players are the jocks of the nerd world... Wink)??? Nice! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it...