Danny's Corner

Hey everyone! This is my blog...

I'd like to begin blogging on a weekly basis about my chess studies, the "journey to GM", life in general, and all things Chess.com! Doesn't that sound interesting? Let's do this!

    • How A Chess Odd Couple Beat The World...

      Were we really a match made in heaven? I don't know. Yes, it's true that some have called the union between me and John the greatest duo since Bert and Ernie. Simon and Garfunkel. Luke and Leia.  Harry and Lloyd.  BUT I'll leave o... | Read More

    • Sometimes I Wonder...

      If I should be worried about how much joy my team takes in posting all my humiliating moments to our social media channels   Your thoughts? Time to look for new, more supportive team members, or embrace the self-deprecation?  Most re... | Read More

    • "I didn’t know a priest could use bad language." -- Bobby Fischer

      The marketing team for Pawn Sacrifice recently shared with us a clip from the upcoming movie. This clip is available ONLY HERE and ONLY on Chess.com! How sweet is that? Enjoy and please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and th... | Read More

    • Cheating On Chess.com

      On June 2, 2015 we disqualified two titled members from our Titled Tuesday tournament after we determined that they had violated our rules by using outside assistance (computer engines).     Update 2015-06-03: Upon furt... | Read More

    • Some Awesome Changes This Way Comes!

      Hi Chess.com Family, We are making some changes to a few of our regular content schedules / products and I figured the best way to inform you all of how much I love you was in a song (um, blog ). By the way, whatever happened to the days where i... | Read More

    • Time Control Changes... We Think?

      Hi Team-Chess.com-Members, We need your help! What's the topic? Keep reading! Along with improving the look, feel, and "usability" of Chess.com with our upcoming "V3" redesign, we are also considering making some tweaks / improvements to the ... | Read More

    • Chess Master Bracketology!

      CAUTION: I'm letting the "Sports Fan" in me out of the bag... just for a moment... here on Chess.com! If you know nothing about Basketball, sports / athletics in general, or how they might compare to chess (or if you simply don't care) than this b... | Read More

    • Nakamura's Knockout!

      I'm excited to announce officially via my blog that Super Grandmaster and U.S. Ranked #1 - Hikaru Nakamura - will be joining me, and all of you, on Chess.com/TV - March 5th at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific (GMT -8). We're calling the first (and hopef... | Read More

    • A Chess Movie Experience: My Role in Life of a King

      Me [probably speaking louder than I should]: "Hey, he's talking about the bishop but he's holding a rook!?" Director [whispering]: "What?" [waves hand dismissively] Me [definitely too loud]: "He's holding the wrong piece. I think we should cu... | Read More

    • Blitz Death Match: New Qualifier System!

      Publishing this important announcement as a blog because 1) There is just too much *actually important* chess news happening in the world right now (between Anand-Carlsen, European and World Team Championships, US Chess League, etc) and ... | Read More