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It's that time of the year again! And I'm not just talking about the Holiday Season Innocent! The United States Chess Federation is holding their annual K-12 National Scholastic Chess Championships this weekend in Orlando! will be there, and with all the normal "swag" for everyone (shirts, wristbands, pens, stickers, etc) - so GET EXCITED!

Why am I making this announcement on (answering that question in your head, "why do I care about what Rensch is saying, yet again?" Undecided. I'll tell you why! is holding it's own "Black-Friday-Cyber-Weekend-Crazy-Discounts-What-Is-Wrong-With-All-Of-Us" Extravaganza! Parents looking to give their kids the most special gift of any Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc EVER Tongue Out will get significant discounts on ChessKid Gold Memberships -- ONLY for this weekend during the K-12 National Championships. 

With the start of the first round on Friday November 30th at 1pm, Gold Memberships for 1 to 5 kids will be %50 off! As the discounts for coaches -- a.k.a anyone who would ever need more than 5 memberships -- are already largely discounted, there will be no additional discounts offered for memberships of 10 or more. And if you're a parent with 10 or more kids... well... then... um... I don't know what to tell you Cry.  

What's that? Your kid is already enjoying unlimited access to everything on the website? Then you rock! You are a great parent. The best parent. The best...

Hopefully we will see you and your ChessKid(s) in just a couple days. Bring your A-Game, or suffer the consequences...


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    Very cool. I have a 5 year old student and we use for some of his training. He played at the American open K-3 U600 section and finished with 2.5 points out of 5 games. He was disappointed after winning his first 2 games to draw and loose his last 2, but I was very encouraged to see all the kids playing and having fun while doing it. The future of American chess seems to be bright with so many young people playing the game. I have one complaint about, the play positions against the computer function requires java and tablets do not support java. Now on you can play positions against the computer on a tablet without java. You still need java to play a game against the computer. If it is possible to upgrade the server for ChessKid that would be a good start. Tablets are going to replace the laptop or PC for many students and I recommend them for their ease of use to the parents of my students.

    Thank you for all that you do to support Scholastic Chess and for your lectures. Mr_Norm.

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