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The Future of Chess Learning...

The Future of Chess Learning...

Jul 17, 2012, 4:51 PM 14

With a little bit of time on my hands today, I decided to take a quick break from my management duties here on the busiest website in the world Tongue Out to do something a little more useful than getting my butt kicked for an hour at bullet chess Wink...

I've actually wanted to share my thoughts on Chess.com's newest, and perhaps least known feature here in my blog for some time -- and express my disappointment with many of our members from the past -- ;-( (they don't have an emoticon for a "frownie-winkie-face" yet, but it means "I'm sad, but also half kidding, and hey, you get it right?"). I love all of you very much, so don't worry...

I'm talking about Chess University of course! Unfortunately, this new and amazing "interactive learning platform" is not only our least known feature, but is likely one of our least appreciated. So, what is Chess University and what gives me the right to make such a bold claim as to dub it the "future of chess learning"? Glad you asked Smile!

Chess University (and you can click here to join the group if you interested) is something that combines the most modern teaching technologies available (live, "webcasting" of video screen and voice) with the need for every aspiring chess player to gain direct access to strong players/coaches. With Chess University a student is getting personal attention (almost private) from a trainer who would normally cost double, triple or sometimes more what students are able to pay per hour in a small group setting. 

It makes sense for the coaches too! A coach can offer his lectures at a more affordable price than he/she would have to privately, reach a broader audience, and with all the lessons being saved automatically to a video library, he can send his students back to a video to answer a question, and thus save time down the road when a particular pupil may need review on a certain concept or idea...

When David and I first launched Chess University nearly two years ago, we hoped all our members would see it as I explained above! Unfortunately, only handful of our members took advantage of our first two courses (How to Play the King's Gambit by David and Don't Fear the Sicilian by yours truly) -- and NOW you wish you could get access to those groups Cry...

Why did so many of you make the mistake of not taking advantage of Chess University? Well, for those who may have never tried to hire a private coach (which generally comes at a price north of $50/hour for a titled player) -- paying for material you thought you might be able to get elsewhere didn't seem to make sense. Understandable of course, but unfortunatly a bad judgement call Frown... Many ambitious chess players missed out on our first University Courses, and have done nothing but try to get into our Private Groups (and each course has information available only to those who register) ever since.

The good news? University is back! This time around, David and I have "tweeked" (not "tweeted" Tongue Out) a couple critical elements:

  • Instead of teaching them ourselves, we have built an "All Star" cast of trainers -- all of them technologically capable -- and all of them totally pumped up to teach! 
  • GMs Magesh Panchanathan and Dejan Bojkov, IM Mac Molner, and one of Chess.com's most active coaches Kairav Joshi are rocking new courses each month!
  • We have broken up scheduling of the courses to offer a wider arrange of available time slots and committment requirments from the students, hoping to increase flexibility...
  • More payment options!
  • More topics being offered at once to ALL LEVELS of understanding!!!

So, why am I spending time today to pump this up? Well, if you think it's because I'm afraid to play Bullet against the slew of new titled players in Live Chess you're wrong!!! Sealed

It's because I care about you Chess.com! You are here, paying for a premium membership with hopes of becoming better chess players, and you aren't taking advantage of this golden opportunity Yell!! What's wrong with you?

Just kidding, again... I love you whether you take a course or not Embarassed

Until next time...

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