The Future of "Higher Learning" In Chess

The Future of "Higher Learning" In Chess

IM DanielRensch
Jun 28, 2010, 10:36 PM |

Even though we are currently experiencing some issues with our "broadcasting system" (to be fixed very shortly Wink) -- I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone about one of the "new products" we have coming out that I am really excited about.

First of all, when I say I am excited about University -- and the idea of a structured series of "live interactive group lessons" -- it is not just "Danny Rambling". I am not kidding! This is something I have been personally investing in, in more ways than one, for some time now. It is in my opinion, the future of online chess education...

What we (David and I will bat lead off, while other top notch instructors will probably get involved before the new year) are doing is simply put like this: Combining the idea of having a personal coach/trainer, with the concept of "topic oriented group lessons". Basically, a series of weekly broadcasts (always saved "On Demand" of course, so the student will also be getting access to videos for review in case anything was missed) with the same trainer, while that trainer covers a particular area of chess.

From "practical game review and pattern recognition", to opening anaylsis, to tactics and calculation training, these Courses are designed to specifically target and improve different areas of a chess player's game.  Each week (during the on average 8-12 week Course) a different group lesson will take place, the students will then be given homework and have the opportunities to interact in private forums/groups (open only to participants of that particular course), and finally every student will receive personal guidance and instruction from the given trainer throughout each course's term.

I am going to keep everyone posted on this stuff, especially every time a new course is on the "horizon". The first two courses will be "opening topic" oriented, as we felt this would be a good way to help people get the idea of "YOU need to learn an opening/strategy/topic -- Here IT is -- AND here is everything you need to know in a jam packed course taught by International and Grand Masters"! So COME AND GET SOME!!!

Let me know what you guys think about this idea. What you would like to see us cover? What questions you may have regarding the format and logistical structure of the classes? And anything else you think I should know...

Keep it real peeps Cool