Xtreme Chess... and I LIKE IT!

Xtreme Chess... and I LIKE IT!

IM DanielRensch

Quickly, I wanted to share with the Chess.com Community that I recently watched this video on YouTube, and was super pumped about it's potential to put chess "under the spotlight"! This video should be enjoyable for many people -- both young and old and from all different types of demographic backgrounds -- who may not be aware of just how fun and exciting our game can be!

Seriously, I have always wondered what the right balance would be to make chess a little more appealing to the "commercialized-media-social-networking-western-society" we live in -- yet still find ways to make it educational AND not compromise the integrity of the game (ie, make sure we are still seeing some high quality chess for those of us who do understand the game on a high level)... 

AND I have to say that I think Greg Shahade and his team nailed it with the Xtreme Chess Championships...

Watch it and let me know what you think...