Xtreme Chess... Part 2

Xtreme Chess... Part 2

IM DanielRensch

As many of you may have seen yesterday, I updated Chess.com (via a comment to my article here, and a forum thread here) that IM Greg Shahade's latest project -- Xtreme Chess -- had released it's second episode on YouTube. Watch it here real quick:

So, obviously my first posting on this project created lots of "mixed emotions" for our community, and the idea/approach itself generated all kinds of feedback... so, watcha think now?

In general, I am still in favor this idea for the many reasons I listed in my first blog and the comments that followed. I feel it has the potential to reach different demographics that may not otherwise be exposed to chess. It's an interesting take on our game, (even if a little flawed and exaggerated) -- but I don't think purists should be offended, but rather, supportive to see the idea get attention and maybe watch and see where it goes...

I wasn't as "surprised" this time around, so I don't think I got as excited about Xtreme Chess in this second video. I felt the commentary wasn't quite as good -- not bad, but a little repetitive --  BUT I liked the different angles they took with showing the player's lives.

I am excited to see where the storylines goes as players get eliminated Tongue out...