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    • Revolution of Change

      No one can what know go the country to be safe for the egyptian people! The all looking for the way to solve and it is probably find instrument disassemble debit from the government. - The idea of the revolution has build on the change in Egypt t... | Read More

    • Egyptian Constitution

      - Occur questionnaire on the constitution for egyptions people, But it impose on the majority to enforce the law which beneath rights the people. The constitution has a law the mejority making beneficiaries and reap the vote of the void. Okey! Ho... | Read More

    • السوق المصرى

      أكبر أزمة بتمر بيها البلد دلوقتى وهى حالة الركود فى السوق المصرى للتجارة فى السلع الغذائية.. هى مش بسبب الغلاء فى الأسعار ولكن دة من سوء ... | Read More