Championship of Kyrgyzstan 2022

Championship of Kyrgyzstan 2022

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Hi everyone! 😊

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog post. And finally, I have something to write about. In the last 30 days I have taken part in two classical chess tournaments. In April, in the period from 20 to 25, I played in an open tournament, which took place on the island of Menorca (Spain). Almost immediately after returning, the Women's Championship of Kyrgyzstan (as well as the open championship) began in three categories: classical chess, rapid chess, and blitz. Since there was little time between tournaments, I did not have time to write a blog post about Menorca. But I will definitely do it soon.

This year the Championship of Kyrgyzstan took place at the beginning of May. It was a very convenient period since the days from May 1 to May 9 were declared days off in our country in connection with the May holidays. For the first time in many years, I was able to focus on the tournament, and not combine it with work. This year, I wanted to get serious about preparing for the games, since not only the chess crown and the title of (five-time) champion of Kyrgyzstan was at stake, but also a place in the national team of the country (as you know, this year the Chess Olympiad will take place in Chennai, India).

Also, at the beginning of the year, we had positive changes in the Kyrgyz Chess Federation. The management of the federation has changed, and significant changes in the chess life of Kyrgyzstan are already noticeable. This was another factor that motivated me to show the best results in the tournament.

But unfortunately, there was also a negative factor. Over the past year, my results in classical chess have dropped significantly. I've lost over 100 rating points! My rating in the Championship of Kyrgyzstan 2021 was 2003, although the rating on May 1, 2022 was already 1887 (my April rating was still indicated in the tournament - 1917). To be honest, it did not add confidence...

To tell the truth, I had thoughts not to play in the tournament at all. But on the last day of registration, I still filled out an electronic form and clicked on the “Submit” button. After that, I had no choice but to get myself together and fight for the Crown / Place in the team.

Of course, now I am very glad that I decided to take part in the Championship, because everything ended very well. 😊 But it was not so easy for me. I share my games and results below.

The beginning of the tournament was positive for me. I won 3 games against representatives of the Karakol Chess Academy. By the way, don't underestimate the opponents because of their rating. Our chess players rarely go to international tournaments, so many of them have very low ratings.

Link to the Classical Tournament:

First Round. Photo Credit: Sardarbek Nurdin uulu

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3

In the fourth round, I lost my first game. It was rather unpleasant, since I got a good position, but at the end of the first time control (in time trouble), I made a series of weak moves, which led to my defeat.

Round 4:

In the fifth round, I drew with a young chess player who has shown good play in recent years. And I must say that I had to fight for this draw!

Round 5:

After losing 1.5 points in five rounds, I played against a young chess player who also made me nervous. It seems to me that such time problems I rarely have. As far as I remember, I had 10 minutes left on my clock before the end of the first time control (despite the fact that I still had to make a lot of moves), while my opponent's clock still showed 1 hour 26 minutes. I don't know what made me think so much! Fear of losing more points?! Most likely... However, I won the game.

Round 6:

Round No. 7 and a strong opponent (Champion of Kyrgyzstan 2017). It was one of the longest games in terms of time and, most likely, one of the most interesting in the entire tournament. The game was not easy for me, and most likely it was me who had to fight to hold the position. On the 40th move, my opponent sacrifices an exchange and, at first, it seems to me that the initiative passes into my hands. But it turned out the opposite. And at the very end, I miss an easy win. I still can't believe I didn't make the move I should have. Well, what can I do now...

Round 7

Having lost so many points and reached the finish line, I realized that I only have to win in the last two rounds if I want to get into the team. I didn't expect to win first place.

Round 8: 

After evaluating the current situation, I realized that I would be satisfied with only one result in the last round - a win! I consider myself lucky with the pairings. It would be much more worrying to play with, for example, the top-rated player and the reigning Champion of Kyrgyzstan. But the game was not going in the best way for me. Just imagine how stressed I was!

Round 9:

It is impossible to describe the emotions that I experienced!!! happy It was a great success and the best gift for my birthday (we played the last round on May 8, and my birthday is on May 9).

But that was not all. To my surprise, according to the results of the tournament, 5 players scored the same number of points (6.5), and according to the tournament's regulations, it is necessary to play a match for the first place in case of equality of points. Thus, the next day we had to play a tie-break. After such an unsuccessful tournament, it seemed like a great luck to have the chance to compete for the first place again!

The tie-break was held in a round robin system with a time control of 15+10. I had two wins and two losses and ended up taking second place, which is also not bad considering my mildly weak performance in the classic tournament.

So, classical tournament and a silver medal! tournaments

Rounds 1-4 of the Tie-Break:

Link to Tie-Break of the Classical Tournament:
Day-off and a late Birthday Celebration

We got one day off, as the open tournament was played according to the Swiss system in 11 rounds. After that, rapid and blitz tournaments awaited us. Unfortunately, I have no opportunity to share the games of these two tournaments, as there were no online broadcasts. But I can say that the Rapid Chess Championship was very successful for me! After the first game day, I had 6 points out of 6 possible. I became the winner with 1 round to spare. A draw in the 8th round and a slightly unpleasant, but not affecting anything, loss in the last round, and the first place is mine!

Rapid Chess Championship and a gold medal & a trophy! tournamentstrophies

Link to Rapid Tournament:

As for the Blitz Championship, here, I think, a lot still depends on luck. And this time it wasn't quite on my side. Literally in the penultimate round, I played the reigning champion of Kyrgyzstan in classical chess and blitz, and at the very end, having only a few seconds on my clock, I made a mistake. I slightly remember the position. This is how it looked (I played with White):

Instead of pushing a pawn and keeping the chances of winning, I take on f4... As a result, I take the third place.

Blitz Championship and a bronze medal! tournaments

Link to Blitz Tournament:

13 days of the tournament,

31 games (9 classical, 13 rapid and 9 blitz) and

3 medals (bronze, silver and gold tournamentstournamentstournaments).

Remembering my state before the Championship and my indecision to play or not, at that time I could not believe that the Championship would turn out so well for me!

Thanks to everyone who believed in me and motivated me to play and not to give up! And to all those who supported me throughout the tournament! 

The next step is the World Chess Olympiad in India! 😊

Medals, Diplomas and a Trophy

After the Closing Ceremony
At home

Thank you very much for reading!

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