A new beginning

A new beginning

Aug 16, 2016, 5:35 AM |

I learned chess from my father when I was 6 years old. I am not a prodigy and chess materials are not very much accessible for me. At age 8, my father bought the book An Invitation to Chess. And I became absorb to reading it. Having difficulty reading English I tirelessly read and read again until I understand. Although I did won the local school chess tournament and made it to the inter school.


I gave away GM Irving Chernev's book to another worthy hobbyist. Although I still remember two of its cool teachings.

Fool's Mate

It is called the Scholar's Mate, but I remember it differently. d6 and Bc5 might be a different move. But the Queen+Bishop mate at f7 is 100% correct. Having poor knowledge of English language led me to think that this example is a great way to play. 2. Qf3!! is my way to go and I won a lot of games with it during school days. 



Royal Game


Royal Game is what I remember calling it. a6 is a wasting move. I cannot remember if its Nc6 instead. But if Black play Nc6 or Nf6 then White's Nxe5! move would fail miserably. I have been searching within my heart what this move is. I don't want to peek by buying a new book. I have read it more than 10 times.


Chess is just a hobby. I did not improve a lot during school days. Most time are devoted to study. Why would I spend more time on a hobby that does not give me higher grade? There are lots of games and console. From gameboy, play station, personal computers and now mobile apps. Gaming has never been so comfy. But, when I get burned up with games and apps, I always went back to playing chess.


After graduating accountancy in 2004 I have a short time to play chess online. I got so obsessed that I can easily remember a whole OTB, redo it and discuss with with my opponent. Its short lived because I need to enter the working force in 2005. Rarely did I play chess.


September 14, 2014 is my giant leap to new chess beginning. I joined chess.com and had many games. Improvement is not going anywhere. Not playing chess for a long time does not make one a better player. In less than a month I will be celebrating my 2nd year anniversary in this site. Hope I receive a cake.


I know no sports. I am not the athletic type. But I want to do something other than work. Chess is the one cool thing that my father gave me. I did not learn carpentry or electronics from him. All I do is study and play console during childhood. I can't even boil an egg right. So I thought, I could give chess a shot.


So I re-train myself starting 2015. Internet is a good source of information. But too much information is not very much helpful. I also read a couple of book but I never lasted a chapter. Am I too old to learn? I guess I just need to give up.


November 2015 is a good month for me. I do a lot of Correspondence Chess. And before the end of 2015 I dreamed of blindfold chess. It is said that it improve ones chess a hundred times. Just kidding about the hundred times. Although blindfold really improves chess ability.


I left chess.com sometime in January 2016. Life situation pulled me away from my chess.


Mid June 2016 I returned. Chess ability is still average. I am not exceptional. Not even a tournament level player. I need to do something. Without money I cannot hire a coach or even buy a premium. Books are also expensive. So I need to be my own coach.


I really like chess.com. Here I met a lot of players some of whom I shared thoughts with. Next time I will blog about my self-training routine. I recently acquired blindfold chess and had a deeper understanding of chess and chess training. As of now, I accepted that I already improved my chess. But I still have a lot of things to do and prove.