Chess Buddies

Chess Buddies

Jun 22, 2017, 6:38 AM |

I joined on September 14, 2014. Its my birthday on the next day so I thought of reviving my hobby but I failed that time.

A year after, I restarted playing chess. With limited time and internet connection, I search for a chess study buddy. Other players to whom I can play many games and where both of us can learn.

In July 2015 I met @dmm4 and @DoctaHobo.

dmm4 won our two first games, the next games I won and draw a few. All our games were thrilling with the score swinging up and down.

DoctaHobo is a mysterious one. Clearly I should be ahead of the competition yet I still lose to him from time to time with some of my wins are just out of luck. He once said that every time he played against me he is being inspired to become a better chess player... or some thing to that effect... haha darn memory.

I was not a club initially, and when I joined one I met @thegreat_patzer, trully a great player. His ideas of chess is so great that it led me to the understanding of the Sicilian Defense. This defense has been my problem for a decade with my pet opening 1. e4. Before I met thegreat_patzer every game against the Sicilian Defense gives me sweat all over.

Being in a club, I play in team matches. It is where I met @z3ppj1g5aw. As of September 2016 our score was 4 wins, 4 draws, and 4 draws. And so the legend continues.

I am fond of making open challenges. This is how I stumbled upon @getreadytomove. We've played 87 games! His weird pawn techniques and masterful knight maneuver has grind every inch of my mind to pull out every thing I got on each game. My most memorable game with him is probably when I am blocking his attacks against my king with my pieces, as all the pawns around my king were gone!

2016 is a golden year for me. Nope not in chess, but in real life. I gain some good paying clients and therefore I was able to avail better internet. So I started playing more live chess than before. A fellow countrymen, @Se-Brain found me roaming around. This kid is very persistent. he is a good player but impatient. Nevertheless, we had more than 50 games already which are mostly LIVE!

Since, I am a little rich in 2016 I was able to have a premium and setup daily tournaments. In my first Classic Chess Tournament Class B @DeeplyConfused participated and we have been playing since then. When the World Chess Championship between  Magnus Carlsen and challenger Sergey Karjakin started DeeplyConfused and I also started our own Wch series. As of now we are at game 14 with me having 4.5 points and my nemesis on the lead with 8.5 points. Each game needs every thing I know about chess. A real neck to neck battle. Some times it takes me an hour just pondering for a move.

To these great players I owe whatever I have with my chess today. Real chess buddies who are willing to share thoughts, time and effort on the game that we all love, chess. Thank you guys.