Confessions of an 1800 Middle-aged Wannabe

Confessions of an 1800 Middle-aged Wannabe

Feb 23, 2018, 3:33 AM |

Perhaps not the fairest of titles for this blog. I work hard at chess and put in a fair amount of study - when I can. I suppose this translates to me playing a lot of blitz chess and watching the Simon Williams YouTube videos (amongst others).

The game you are about to see, if you can be arsed to take a look, was played in the Wolverhampton Chess League, Division 2, and was a crunch match to see who was going to take a hold of the 2nd (of two) promotion spots. It was either going to be us, the Halesowen B team, or the Kidderminster A team. Even though they were a few players short with two of their best off at university and another too far away at work, Kidderminster ensured they turned out as strong as they could against us. We, on the other hand, had just lost our board 1, my 12-year-old son, Finlay, to the 1st team and we were struggling along with reserves due to the 1st team and 3rd team also playing on the same night. Even a little bit of in-house fighting for players... the 3rd team had a crunch match for a promotion spot too!

Suffice to say we went in without much hope of getting a result and we were right, but it was a far closer run than expected. We only lost one game in 6 boards, the rest, unfortunately, were drawn. Not the complete story as two of our drawn games was drawn whilst our player was a pawn up. Lest to say, Kidderminster shared a few chuckles after the match at the expense of our two players that opted for draws with an advantageous position! It was a match we should have at least drawn, or perhaps even won.

All this talk of draws and I drew myself? Yes, but the top two and bottom two boards were outgraded, so draws from those tables was acceptable. The middle two tables were more fairly graded and had winning positions! I'll show you my game and you'll note that I tried to make it exciting from move one and even 2, but this was shut down for favour of a more closed, positional game that meant I had to play with great accuracy.


So here's the game. I played board 1.



Excellent 20 21
Good 7 6
Inaccuracy (?!) 1 0
Mistake (?) 0 0
Blunder (??) 0 0
Forced 0 1
Best Move 63.0% 50.0%
Avg. Diff 0.11 0.09


So, we're now in 3rd place... but we still have fight! The top two teams are still yet to play each other and hopefully, Stourbridge win.