Some examples of my work

Some examples of my work

Apr 26, 2015, 5:31 AM |
You can see from my profile that I am a professional marquetry artist. You can see more details in my
profile and also on my website:  Here is a sample of my pictures, all
created in natural wood veneers: 

Dante's Head. This is based on a photograph I took of the sculpture of Dante in 
Santa Croce Piazza in Florence. A lot of my work is based on my own photographs.
Desert Gas Station. This one is based on a photograph by the great American 
photographer Joe Reifer. I am privileged to work in collaboration with Joe. 
Car Graveyard. Based on another of Joe's photographs, of the Car Forest in Nevada
Siesta Key Sunset. I do a lot of work in Florida and this is based on one of my sunset
photographs. I am currently working on a five foot by four foot version of this for a
client in Sarasota. 
Golden Sunset. The couple in this picture can also be seen on the right in the one
above - I took the photographs in Siesta Key, Fla. 
         Chefs take a cigarette break                     Young lovers in old Florence
I went to Italy last June to work on a series of pictures based on my own photographs
   And thou beside me - in the wilderness            The moving finger writes

These are two of a whole series of pictures based on the old Persian poem 'the
Rubayait of Omar Khayam'

              Bolivian Street Scene                                     The Long Walk

I recently did two interesting commissions - one for a Springsteen fan who wanted
a replica album cover in wood! The next was for a UK vet of Afghanistan and Iraq. 
He asked me to reproduce a photo of himself (second from right) and closest friends.
Sometimes I get asked to do big big pictures for a specific part of an apartment or 
house decor. This is for a man in Sarasota Florida who wanted a five by four foot
beach scene for a murphy bed in his apartment - here it is based on one of my 
own Sarasota photos

These are just a few of my pictures - you can see many more on the website. Thanks
for checking out my work!