Coaching exercises, Checkmate puzzles - day 40

Coaching exercises, Checkmate puzzles - day 40

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I started to run again. It is a very good news. I think everybody should take care on his body by some kind of physical activity. I like running, playing soccer, table tennis. 

In the morning I had a coaching session with Daniel one of my students from Sweden. He is a university professor originally from Hungary, but moved to Sweden.

We analyzed 2 of his games and I created a few puzzles:

After the session I had a lesson with one of my local students Gábor.

The next student was Richard from England. 2 puzzles from his games:

The puzzles today were challenging. I solved 20 checkmate puzzles and 2 tactics puzzles.

You can solve it with me in this video:

interesting puzzles from the session:

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I use the Chessmood opening courses:

1.e4 with white

Accelerated dragon with black

Benko-gambit with black    

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