Daily Calculation Exercises - Day 50 | Fire on the board

Daily Calculation Exercises - Day 50 | Fire on the board

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Yesterday in the Titled Tuesday Tourney I played a game against FIDE-Master Lefong Hua from Canada. I allowed his pawn advance in the queenside in the Ben-oni defense. He sacrificed a pawn with c5-c4 to open the c-file and the g1-b6 diagonal and created fire on the board. All his pieces were so nicely placed. I created 10 exercises from the game.

This not happened, but could be a great finish

this one too

Or this?

checkmate in 2:

This is a hard exercise. I suggest to give yourself 20 minutes and write down all your ideas in big deph 

checkmate in 5?

White has only 1 move to get an advantage. Please take 10-15 minutes to calculate the variations deeply.

How should black continue the attack?

This deep exercise need at least 15 minutes:

What is the quickest checkmate?

I wish you enjoyed the exercises. Please use the patterns in your games!

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Next Level Training:

Chessmood opening opening courses:

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Tactics Ninja: Something unbelievable and funny. The editor Lily, being 1,200 on, raised her online rating by 100 points in 2 weeks, just by looking through the videos of this course when she was editing them.

Mating Matador: Mastering mating patterns is the next step to get better at tactics and become a dangerous attacker. It often bridges the gap between a strong attack against the opponent's King and victory. So once you become better at sniffing checkmates, your attacking skills naturally improve.

I was the coach of the month and you can read an interview about it

I was the coach of the month and you can read an interview about it at

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See you tomorrow!


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1.e4 with white

Accelerated dragon with black

Benko-gambit with black    

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