Ennis round 1 with Kieran O'brien - puzzles - day 54

Ennis round 1 with Kieran O'brien - puzzles - day 54

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I arrived from Budapest to Shannon. I was able to sleep on the plane and read a book and prayers before landing. It went well and one of the players of Ennis pick me up on the airport and I arrived to the hotel around 1:00 pm. I had a long walk to the town in the afternoon, slept 1 hour before the game and played my first round.

In the afternoon I visited the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral

We are in the hands of the Creator

I gave a spiritual book and got one from the local community:

A soup for lunch

In the first round I played with a local player Kieron O'Brien. He played passive against the Caro-Kann and with a well timed e6-e5 break I got the advantage.

The combination of the game:

The full game:

A few puzzles:

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