Ennis round 2-3 with James Naughton and Mihnea Costachi - puzzles day 55

Ennis round 2-3 with James Naughton and Mihnea Costachi - puzzles day 55

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The round 2 of the Ennis tourney started at 10:00 am. Last night my game and the analysis with my opponent finished past midnight and later I had a dinner and wrote for the blog. The night was short  

James Naughton was my opponent. He played the aggressive Qb6xb2 line against the London system. I decided to go for an endgame to leave the complications. 

I got a big advantage un the endgame, but then it went close to a draw. It was an interesting bishop endgame with an extra pawn which I managed to win in 68 moves. Our game was the last to finish and we got only 15 minutes break before the next round.

The final tactics in the game:

In the afternoon I played with the highest rated player of the tourney International Master Mihnea Costachi.
I was very happy when he played a few passive moves in the opening, because I could equalize and soon I got a small edge. In move 15 he offered me a draw, which I accepted, because of the long morning game and a draw with black against the top seed is a good result.

Desmond Beatty is the Chairperson on The Irish Chess Union and he is one of the arbiters.

He is the organizer of the European School Championship which will be in Ireland. 

The arbiters:

You can follow the games LIVE at round 4 will start at 10:00 am Dublin time and round 5 will start at 3:00 pm Dublin time.

After the game I visited the spa of the hotel and tried the sauna, the steaming room, the jacuzzi and the swimming pool.

A few puzzles for today:

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