Gligoric-Pomar | Isolated pawn | d4-d5 break

Gligoric-Pomar | Isolated pawn | d4-d5 break

IM AttilaTurzo

When a player plays against the isolated pawn, he need to block it or need to be ready to deal with the situation when it is pushed. In the game Gligoric-Pomar, black developed his bishop to the passive d7 square, which created disharmony in the black camp. White developed his pieces to active squares and after the d4-d5 break, his pieces were so strong, he was able to play a winning combination. In the variations, you can also find a beautiful checkmate:

In the afternoon I studied 1 hour of tactics. A few hard drawing puzzles and a few from a new type of positions. You can solve a few of them on the diagrams and can watch the video to solve the others: 

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