Gligoric-Szabo | Isolated pawn | d4-d5 break

Gligoric-Szabo | Isolated pawn | d4-d5 break


The players with the isolated pawn aims to push and exchange the pawn to get a strong, centralized piece on d5. If black prepares for the d4-d5 break, he can keep the balance. Always need to be ready.

In the game Gligoric-Szabo White could play d4-d5 in the opening and gain an advantage, but did not do it. Black kept the balance, but was under pressure. When white finally played d4-d5 he got a strong knight on d5 and an objectively equal position, but under the pressure black made a big mistake to allow white to win a piece and the game:

In the morning I studied 1 hour of tactics. You can solve a few of them on the diagrams and can watch the video to solve the others: 

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