How to improve your chess skills?

How to improve your chess skills?

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If you want to improve your chess skills you need to do 3 things:

1. First you need to study something new

2. Then you need to play games to try our your new knowledge

3. After the games you need to analyze how you used your new knowledge and if you made mistakes you need to find the right ideas and moves which you will play next time.

And the cycle starts again. You repeat step 1-3. Study-Practice-Fix.

I started to study a new system against the sicilian defense with an early g3, Bg2. Kind of mix of the open sicilian and the closed sicilian.

I played in in a Titled Tuesday Tourney against Grandmaster Aman Hambleton.

We both developed our pieces, He got some space advantage in the queenside and in the center. I planned to create an attack against his king and it succeeded. I show you the plain game, I plan to analyze it in another article:

What do you study currently?
How do you practice?
How do you analyze your games and fix the mistakes?
I will write about those topics in the coming articles.
I am learning from my friend Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan and he let me share the ideas which I learn. You can learn about this topic deeper in this article: How to get better at chess: The 3- step formula and the secret sauce
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I wish you happy studies, great games and deep analysis!
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