How to study chess?

How to study chess?

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I think the most important is to have a balance of studying new things and playing games to try out the new ideas.

I suggest you use at least 50 % of your time to study new things and the rest of the time to play games and analyze your games to fix the mistakes.

There are 2 mistakes we need to avoid: one of them is to study more and more new ideas, but play very few games and not trying the ideas to implement. 

The other mistake is to play a lot of games, maybe lot of bullet or blitz games, but not getting new knowledge to test.

We can see similar ideas about eating the right amount and digesting it.

If we want to be stronger and go to the gym regularly we need to eat a little more than before.

If we it too less, we can not grow new muscles. So if we study too little we can not improve our chess.

If we eat too much, then we can not digest, so it is wasted.

We need to find the golden middle in all aspects of life!

I am learning from my friend Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan and he let me share the ideas which I learn. You can learn about this topic deeper in this article: How to get better at chess: The 3- step formula and the secret sauce. Some of the links in my articles are affiliate links and if you buy from my friends then I get a commision. I only suggest services and products which I use myself and I am satisfied and happy about them, so I am happy to share those with you!

I played a game a few days ago, where in an equal endgame I was able to win by activating my king. 

The big difference between the middlegame and the endgame, we can use our king as an attacker!

I wish you happy studies, great games and deep analysis! Attila Turzo International Master










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