Hybrid international tourney in Solymar, checkmate and tactics puzzles

Hybrid international tourney in Solymar, checkmate and tactics puzzles

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Gabor Szabo with white with Ben GilesGabor Szabo with white against Ben Giles

Yesterday, on Monday we ran a hybrid international tournament. Kevin Smith from the US and Kim Kaspersen from Norway joined online to the tourney. Ben Giles from New Zealand won all 6 games and got 1st place. Gabor Szabo, the best local player from Solymar got the 2nd place. We got a 4 players tie on 3rd place, Istvan Metzger, Kim Kaspersen, Kevin Smith and Imre Dorogi. 

The final result:

1 Ben Giles 6,0
2 Szabó Gábor 5,0
3 Metzger István 4,0
4 Kaspersen Kim 4,0
5 Smith Kevin 4,0
6 Dorogi Imre 4,0
7 Krupp Márton 3,0
8 Hajdú Balázs 3,0
9 Dr. Für László 3,0
10 Béda László 3,0
11 Háber Zoltán 1,0
12 Sax Albert 1,0
13 Pásztor Tamás 1,0

Today early morning I solved 15 checkmate puzzles. I started to enjoy the puzzles. Looks like my brain started to adapt to the challenge and I can find the solutions easier.

You can solve with puzzles with me in this video:

A few interesting exercises:

Then I had a coaching session with a belgian student. I suggested him to study a great course about the fundamentals:

After the coaching I solved 60 relative easy tactics puzzles. You can solve them with me in this video:

I share a few of them:

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