Nimzo-indian with e3 Nge2 | round 8 of Vezerkepzo June IM | To-Turzo

Nimzo-indian with e3 Nge2 | round 8 of Vezerkepzo June IM | To-Turzo

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In round 8 of the Vezerkepzo international tournament I played with the young International Master Nath Minh To.

He played the e3 variation of the Nimzo-indian defense, which was new for me in a classical game. He played the minority attack, but my backward c6 pawn was well defendable and the position close to equal. my decision to exchange the pawn with c6-c5 was bad, because it opened the diagonal for the b2 bishop. Later I defended well and got a close to equal position in the endgame when I made again  nice blunder to lose the exchange.

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