Positional chess against WIM Srishti Pandey

Positional chess against WIM Srishti Pandey

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In the 1st round of the Vezerkepzo Spring International Master tourney I played against Woman international master Srishti Pandey, a young indian girl.

In the preparation I used the Mindset ideas from the Next Level course, which I recommend and you can read about my experiences in these blog posts: 

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I also used courses from an another friend Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan 

When I prepared for the game I realized my opponent's tatics rating is over 3200 and likes to play sharp position.

I decided to create a fixed center and play for a positional game.

I got an equal position from the opening.

Then gained space and activated my pieces.

She allowed me to create her double pawns.

Exchanged the rooks and focused on the target pawn.

Won the pawn and decided to gain space on the kingside too.

She weakened her king and made a mistake which allowed me to win more material and the game:

Today I will play with Grandmaster Igor Novikov from Ukraine.

I decided to accept new students. If you would like to study with me please send me an email to where you write about your chess history and chess goals.

See you tomorrow!

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