Road to the Grandmaster title - 4th coaching with GM Ramesh RB - Black openings

Road to the Grandmaster title - 4th coaching with GM Ramesh RB - Black openings

IM AttilaTurzo

2020 finished in one of the best possible way. I had a coaching session with GM Ramesh. We discussed opening preparation and decided which openings I will play with the black pieces.

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Against 1.d4 I will play the nimzo-indian and the ragozin defense. Against the Catalan opening I will go for the open line with dxc4. Against 1.c4 I play in nimzo-style. If white plays 1.Nf3, then I want to go to the Catalan or symmetrical english 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 c5 to learn new structures.

We discussed briefly the 4.a3 variation of the Nimzo-indian defense. The key ideas:

1. fix the double pawns with c7-c5

2. stop the white attack with Ne8, f7,f5

3. play on the light squares

Against 1.e4 I will play the najdorf variation of the sicilian defense. The opening which was played by Bobby Fisher and Gary Kasparov and most of the top players. I decided to play this opening, because then I can study lot of annotated games from the very best players.

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The starting time in different time zones:

Sunday 9:30 pm PST Los Angeles Time

Sunday 12:30 am EST New York time

Sunday 6:30 am Budapest time

Sunday 5:30 am London time

Sunday 11:00 am IST India time

Sunday 4:30 pm Sydney time

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