Road to the Grandmaster title - Simple Tactics

Road to the Grandmaster title - Simple Tactics

IM AttilaTurzo

In the morning I played 3 minutes games against Viewers on 

I selected a few simple combinations from the games which I invite you to find:

Then I went to run to the forest and did some push ups after every 500-1000 m. I ran 5,3 km in 35 minutes.

I was thinking to play in the november Grandmaster tournament in Budapest. I need to check a few details about it, if I can make it work.

I started to read a great book about chess improvement and why adult players are not improving and how to change the learning process to make progress.

Chess for Zebras by Jonathan Rowson

The key idea is to work on to improve Skills instead to acquire more knowledge. Skill versus Knowledge. Active learning and training by solving hard puzzles instead of passive learning like watching videos or reading books or articles.

I hope to do tomorrow some active learning myself too. I plan to stream also on in my morning, American evening.

Thank you for your support!