Road to the Grandmaster title with Hikaru Nakamura

Road to the Grandmaster title with Hikaru Nakamura


In the 1st round of the June 1 Titled Tuesday I played with Hikaru Nakamura, who is the highest rated blitz player of the World. World Champion Magnus Carlsen's rating is 14 point lower. 

I was very happy when I got the World's best blitz player as my first round opponent in the Titled Tuesday Tourney.

He started with 1.g6 to go to the Modern defense. We transposed to the Pirc defense and then to the Torre Attack. I captured on e5 to fix the center and block the g7 bishop.

I got space advantage on the queenside and  better position. I should have pushed stronger and expand with b4 and c4 to keep the initiative.

He missed a few chances to equalize. I got a rook on d7 and a great position. In that moment I needed to shift my focus to the Kingside and could keep and increase my advantage with h4-h5.

In the fixed pawn structure my knight is better than the bishop and I got space advantage.

Under the time pressure I made a mistake and lost a pawn, but I kept things under control and forced a rook endgame with 4 pawns against 3 pawns on the same side with 1 rook each, a theoretical draw. In the end I made a mouse-slip and lost my rook to finish the game.

He defended well in the middlegame when his position was worse and he accumulated time advantage which turned to be the winning factor at the end by putting me under pressure. 

I think this game is a good sign on my road to the Grandmaster title. Play a good game like this against the world's best blitz player. Thank you Hikaru for the lesson!

You can watch how I analyzed the game at :

In the last night I slept only 3,5 hours. I slept 1 hour when I put my daughter to bed. Then I got up fresh 9:45 pm and started to teach at 10:00 pm and do other chess ideas. I was immersed in chess study and writing my blog and streaming my calculating training and analyzing my tourney game. Time went so quickly. I went to sleep at 5:00 am and my daughter got up at around 7:30 am. 

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and we were happy. We went to run together. 

This was the 121st day to run every day.

In the afternoon I did my 1 hour daily calculation training. It was the 62th day.

I did 300 easy puzzles and 2 hard ones:

 You can solve the puzzles with me in my stream at and you can watch it on my youtube channel:

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