Road to the Grandmaster title - Woodpecker Method

Road to the Grandmaster title - Woodpecker Method

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In the morning I decided to stop thinking and start acting  I started to work on my calculation skill.

I solved the first 30 puzzles in 30 minutes from the Woodpecker Method book on stream at You can watch it on my youtube channel:


The key idea of the book is to study the puzzles 7 times, every time quicker.

This way the patterns from the puzzles will be deep into the memory and can use it when similar positions happens in our games.

Let me share a few of the puzzles:

After lunch we went up to the old castle with my wife and daughter. We enjoyed the fresh air and the view.
Then I took around 1 hour nap and went to the forest to run 5,3 km in 32 minutes.
When I was running I was listening the philosopher note about a great book:
The key takeaways:
1. Be proactive!
2. Begin with the end in Mind - Be clear on what we want
3. Put first things first - Identify the truly important things in your life and do those!
4. Think win-win  
5. Seek first to understand - Look things from the other person's perspective
6. Synergy - Working together
7. Sharpen the saw - Take time to reinvent yourself, recharge
After running I was teaching chess 4,5 hours, which included 2 game analysis, pawn endgames and blindfold checkmate exercises.
Have a great day! Thank you for your support!