The road to the Grandmaster title reloaded

The road to the Grandmaster title reloaded

IM AttilaTurzo

My road temporary stopped in May 2019 when I became too busy with finding a house to buy and sell 3 property to finance our new house.

We got our house in November 2019. It has 2 apartments, one for us and one for my father and mother in law.

We will be able to move in in 2-3 weeks when the painting and the heating will be ready.

Then I think we will need 1-2 months to settle and I can start to play again in tournaments for the Grandmaster title.

In the recent months I was streaming a very few times, also I was coaching only a few students.

Yesterday I decided to change the trend and made a stream where I met with old supporter friends.

I played a simul with 8 players. I want to share one of the games which I played with Kevin, one of my American friends.

I played the London system which turned to a wild game with opposite side castling.

Later the theme was the d4-d5 break to open the position for my bishop versus his knight.

In his time trouble he allowed the f5 and then the g6 break which opened the king and won me the game:

I am available again for coaching and accepting new students. If you would like to study with me then please send me an email to

Have a wonderful day!