The Brendan Voyage

Aug 4, 2010, 4:12 AM |

MikeDoyle made me go to the Irish music store. And this was rather new to me. Perfect chess music ;)

The Brendan Voyage Suite is regarded in Ireland as a groundbreaking, crossover work of cultural significance. Composed by Shaun Davey in 1980, it is the first, daring musical meeting between an Irish solo uilleann piper and a classical symphony orchestra. This confrontation of two separate traditions develops into a triumphant collaboration telling the story of explorer Tim Severin's daring and epic voyage across the Atlantic in a leather boat, a replica medieval voyage which proved that the 6th century Irish Saint, Brendan may have reached America before Columbus or the Norsemen. The voice of the medieval boat is represented by the uilleann pipes of Liam O'Flynn, the seaworld of the Atlantic by the symphony orchestra. 'An absolute cornerstone for so many subsequent developments' - Colin Harper of Q Magazine.