2000$ REMATCH || IM Greg Shahade vs IM Lawrence Trent

2000$ REMATCH || IM Greg Shahade vs IM Lawrence Trent


Remember that 1000$ match Greg and Lawrence had two months ago? Yeah, they're going at it again and the stakes are doubled. So cancel your plans and invite all your friends, because you don't want to miss this gem of a match!

How did it all start?

The entire thing sprouted out of a twitter war between these gentlemen. I highly recommend reading the full post about it here. The article is filled with facts, dates and hilarious tweets showing how this feud all started!

When is this the rematch happening?

When - Sunday June 9th at 11:30am PDT / 02:30pm EDT / 08:30pm CEST
Where - www.twitch.tv/bikfoot 
Time control - 3 minutes with a 1-second increment
Rounds - Best out of 24 - First person to reach 12.5 points wins
Prize - 1000$ sponsored by chess.com + 1000$ out of their own pockets for the winner

Who won the previous match?

Greg did. But it was a very, very close match. But who reads stuff on the internet nowadays, here's a graph that shows it clearly:

As previously mentioned, the match was very exciting. The quality of the games was very high and the banter between Lawrence and Greg was hilarious. Below you can find some interesting clips to give you taste of what's coming this Sunday, I can't wait!
"Look at Lawrence giving away a rook here. Study this kids, this is how you become a GM"

"You're a first class bum Greg"

However, I have to give Lawrence some credit. Even when he lost, he was very gracious about it. He congratulated his opponent and praised him for the high level of chess that he. displa... Nah, of course not, he trashtalked.

Make sure to follow the following on twitter to keep up with the action!

Twitter Greg Shahade: https://twitter.com/GregShahade
Twitter Lawrence Trent: https://twitter.com/LawrenceTrentIM
Twitter Wouter Bik (host): https://twitter.com/BikfootNL

Where it all takes place:


This is also where you can find the previous match: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/407713108

Who do you think will win this match? Leave a comment down below and let us know!