Day 2 at TATA Steel chess - Won my second game as well!

Day 2 at TATA Steel chess - Won my second game as well!


Hello chess lovers!

As I addressed in my last post, I'm currently playing at the TATA steel chess tournament in WIjk aan Zee. I planned to blog daily about my performance, so far so good!

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I've been placed in group 3O as the lowest seed with a rating of 1938. Today, my opponent was Gunie du Chatinier, a strong opponent with a FIDE of 1972. Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, let's look at the game!

Just like last time, I'll be posting some key moments of my game, here is the first one:

My opponents last move was Be6. A very logical move, however this gave me the opportunity to play.. Na5! Suddenly the b7 pawn is unprotected and black needs to misplace his pieces to defend it, Things like these are small positional advantages but believe me, it'll add up!

In this next segment, my opponent found his inner Caruana and played 7(?!) knight moves in a row. 

Quite the goose hunt! As you can tell, this position already looks very, very promising for white. Blacks pieces aren't developed and they're not coordinating with each other. White on the other hand, controls the center has all his pieces developed. Where and how do we make progress though? Let's find out!

Found a way in! With mate threat luring, black has to play f6 to stop the knight from getting to g5. Playing f6 really destabilizes blacks pawn structure however. A few moves later, white already seems winning:

White to play here. It seems like black has a dangerous attack on f2 after 1... Nxe5 2.fxe5 dxc6 3. Qxf2+. However, after I calculated it carefully, I concluded that he didn't really have a follow up. Or did he? In the next move, white has a great move to defend blacks attack, can you find it?

A ton of threat are now aimed at blacks king. After some trading where I won a piece on g3, my opponent finally capitulated in the following position on move 38:

Blacks pawn will fall one by one and he doesn't have any counter play any more. I'm very, very proud of my game where I remained dominant through the entirety of the fight. Interested in the full game? Say no more! I'll have it below. What did you think of my gameplay?

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