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Wherein I disregard advice and explain erratic behavior

Wherein I disregard advice and explain erratic behavior

Aug 23, 2016, 8:17 PM 6

Someone told me two days ago that I shouldn't apologize, but I'm going to anyway because screw the rules but also I deleted everything in my blog yesterday. Sorry.

I still have it, just not here. I'm too much of a pack rat and a narcissist to truly destroy it. It'll go up elsewhere, and I'll inform everyone who has friended me, who commented, and anyone who asks where and when it does. It's not much of a loss in the present; five months and counting without an update, it had become like bread that went five months without and update: hard and stale and totally unfit for the sorts of chicken sandwiches to which I often attribute the meaning of life.

I had made it just enough about chess to get away with it. I don't even know if there are any requirements in that regard, but it was fun to pretend there were. Someone once remarked that my contributions seemed odd and out-of-place here, and with time and experience I've come to agree--but it has nothing to do with the relevance of its subject matter. It's more fundamental than that. More than anything, though, the entries were catharsis during a difficult time, and it helped not only in writing it, but in knowing people read it and maybe even smiled. For that, I'm really grateful.

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