Topic of the Day-11/25/11

Nov 25, 2011, 5:50 AM |

Topic of the Day-11/25/11-The Fair Play Policy

Well, there has been alot of people complaining that they haven't been able to play against other people and they don't know what's happening, so I decided to post a forum about it. And then I thought, "Why not make it your Topic of the Day?" So now, I am posting this blog about the Fair Play Policy. I will have some links at the end to help you, so please read all of this blog.

Okay, the Fair Play Policy is a Policy that makes sure that everyone on plays fair. It has been made sometime this month, I think, and alot of people don't know what it is. Well, the Fair Play Policy basically states that if you have been aborting games often and/or been disconnecting during games, that you are going to be banned from playing other people except your friends. I don't now how they find people, but most players probably get caught by other people telling the staff and the moderators and the staff and the moderators watching suspicious players.

If you have been aborting games alot and/or disconnecting from games alot, you are probably at risk of being affected by the Fair Play Policy. If you are at risk, I would suggest just playing games with your friends and/or not aborting games or disconnecting from games.

If you have already been affected by the Fair Play Policy, there is one way you can fix it. You must play as many games with your friends as for every game you aborted and/or disconnected from. If you are having any more problems with the Fair Play Policy or have any questions about the Fair Play Policy, I would suggest you go to the Top-Right corner of the screen and press, "Help." Then go to the Bottom-Left corner of the page and press, "Contact Support."

I would like everyone to be aware of the Fair Play Policy, so please read all of this blog.


I hope this blog will help you!