I’ve seen the future of chess improvement.

Jul 16, 2010, 4:47 PM |

    Most often, you have read here about my time machine traveling back in time to visit the famous chess tournaments over the past couple of hundred years.     Since this IS a time machine, while I was at the world open,   I dialed the Delorian to peer into the immediate future of chess improvement.I thought I’d enlighten you all with the vision that was presented to me just a short while ago.


First of all, imagine a clock that is as durable as a chronos, easier to set  and doesn’t look like a something made from someone’s garage. That’s right, the future holds bright for a new line of products starting with a smart clock : . An entrepreneur was looking for someone to partner with that could do some electronic wizardry.I had a pretty decent book of spells with me. That meant a partnership began. I’ll only tease you with that this will be a clock that will make a TD’s life much easier especially at a large scholastic event to make sure all the clocks are set right. And, it will look cool.

Speaking of a smarter chess experience, the biggest vision came from someone I once featured here recently, Andres Hortillosa, an author of chess improvement. He’s working on an interactive learning experience at Play Smart Chess http://www.playsmartchess.com/ . He demo’d an iPad with his software running on it. In his own words:

“Can you imagine reading your favorite chess book in a form where you get to see an interactive chess board in place of a diagram? How will the tool impact and deepen your learning experience? … Our application will allow you to replay the moves leading to every position of concern even right from the opening. “ A. Hortillosa

Here are some screen shots on an iPhone:

“In summary, we are changing the way chess knowledge is delivered, acquired and consumed.”- A. Hortillosa

I’ll be vacationing and taking a blogging break. Mull these ideas over while I’m gone. When I come back, I plan on picking up where I left off at Lone Pines.See you when I get back!