Lone Pine 1975: Closing the book indefinitely

Apr 18, 2010, 1:02 PM |

(Back cover)

To all my devoted followers, I wish to extend my apologies. I was hoping to get some support form the Grandmasters still alive but after several fruitless attempts that idea has left the station. I was told by Larry Evans, through a third party, to buy the book and that he was in no way interested in an interview.

The past couple of months have also been a really busy period taking me away from the chess board. Without any better way of putting it, I’ve lost steam on Lone Pine 1975 and have reached an impasse.

My plate will start to clear in May, but in that time frame, I wish to focus my study efforts on preparations for the World Open. I need to scrape the rust off and get back in fighting form.

I plan on chronicling my training which will mainly include daily tactical studies. But what I really want to focus on is improving the consistency of my thought process in every aspect of the game. At my level, consistency is the key to improving my strength and that has to begin with the thought process. I find that its also a dynamic element depending on what phase of the game I am in.

 I have not completely defined how I am going to go about this so stay tuned. Be sure that I will include some of the following concepts in the coming weeks:

- Evaluating thought processes in my own games

- Thinking out loud while solving puzzles

- I can’t escape history: A look at some of my openings through the eyes of history and significant games that changed the particular variation.

- Thinking about Endgames

- Mindfulness in general … techniques I wish to emplore to focus on the tournament despite life’s challenges in the background.

I hope you all understand. Perhaps After the WO, I will present closure on the Lone Pine 1975 event and finish this series.