Reader's choice

Mar 27, 2011, 5:43 PM |

It’s been a while since I did a series of posts highlighting an old tournament. When I last left you, I was stuck in the seventies with Lone Pine 1975 and left Pal Benko in the barber’s chair. 


I’m looking for inspiration and direction at this point. I decided to put it out to my readers and will tally the votes over the next week or so.


Here are the Choices(due to my library):


A: Finish what I started with Lone Pine 1975 picking up where I left off?

B: St. Petersburg 1909  ( Book notated by Lasker who played. Other top players include Rubinstein, Speilmann, Teichman, and Schlecter to name only a few)

C: A review of some of the classic games out of Howard Staunton’s Chess Player’s Handbook ( vintage stuff but sure to please the Romantic and Classical era buffs).

D:  A Deep dive of the games of Emanuel Lasker’s games of 1889-1914 ( I probably would round it off to include NY 1924 games as well).


School’s back in session. Blunderprone’s Magical History tour steam locomotive is stoking the burners with a fresh pile of coal  and taking on passengers. Let me know which destination you prefer and I will set the course and clear the tracks.