Resources for Improving at Chess using Online Materials.

Resources for Improving at Chess using Online Materials.

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Many parents and students ask me about good resources for chess practice and self learning. Of course we can be quite overloaded by so many choices and options so I thought I would compile a list of some of my favorite training options.

Endgames Studies are the poetry of chess and some would say a (legal) steroid. It is no mistake that when Bobby Fischer's trove of books was discovered there was a prominent collection of endgame study texts. This web resource is jam packed and very comprehensive. I would suggest learning some names of the famous endgame composers and then search by name; try starting with Prokes.  Suggested Rating 1800+

Studying chess tactics is an essential for chess improvement. Of course offers an excellent tactic trainer program, but some may prefer a more workbook style of learning. Dejascacchi is an excellent collection of tactics from chess history as well as having a great archive of King and Pawn and Rook endings. These are perfect for printing off when you want to study without a screen. Suggested Rating 1400+

Elometer is a fun chess test that will give you an approximate idea of your skill level (a bit on the high side in my opinion). This test is also a good thing to review with a coach looking over your shoulder as it is comprehensive and may show some blind spots in your game.

Suggested Rating 1000+

Lichess is one of the best servers for playing and learning out there. It has a smooth playing interface and many fun chess varients (crazy house anyone?). Suggested Rating 500+

An odd but fun challenge created by Grandmaster Rashid Ziatdinov. You click a square and then you have to click the new piece that appears on the board. It sounds simple right ? Well I know of no human that can get a perfect score! Suggested Rating UNR+


I hope that you enjoy and learn from these chess resources! While you are at it check out my website where student's of the game are always welcome to join. 


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Coach Carl