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Jan 24, 2010, 9:30 PM |

Ok so this week (actually last week) for the first time in several years, I hit my download limit and my Internet woes began.  I got "shaped" and with Telstra Cable, that means a bunch of disconnects and failed page loads as well as slow speed because I hit my limit, mixed with some intermittent "normal" operation.  All because I hit my limit of 12GB for the first time in YEARS.  This is sometimes called "throttling".  You'd think that after years of not hitting my limit, they'd just not apply this throttling to me... makes me want to throttle them!! lol

Ok so fair enough, if I hit my 12GB limit, I hit it... so I rang the ISP (Telstra) and after an hour of being on hold in various locations around the world with some of them able to speak English and some of them able to understand English, making me want to say "goodness gracious, would you please just put me through to the next one already?"...  I eventually get to the right place and finally talking with someone who could both understand AND speak English,... they "unshape" my account (meaning I am no longer slowed) and give me a whole extra 1GB.   Note that during this process I am basically asked to "sign" (a voice recorded thing) to acknowledge that as a matter of "system limitation" that an account can only ever be unshaped ONCE in its entire LIFETIME.

So then I say "you know what, stuff this, I really am dependant on good Internet connection, so upgrade me to 25GB".  So I want to pay more money and double my internet limits to 25GB from 12GB.  Sounds like a good idea seeing as I run a business from home and it's all tax-deductible.   My business basically dies without the Internet so I really can't afford to be shaped again.

They say my plan will be upgraded at midnight and I will be on my higher plan tomorrow.

So I get a flurry of work done, munching up most of my extra GB of data.

Next day, no plan update, my GB is gone and I am "shaped" again.

Another hour on the phone, they FINALLY understand the problem and cancel my plan upgrade, reapply it, give me another 2GB of data and once again, unshape my account.  So much for this "system limitation" of being only able to unshape it once in a lifetime.  Telstra are obviously lying.  Nice to know eh?!

Anyway, again, I am told that my service will be upgraded at midnight.

Next day, no upgrade.  At least this time I am not shaped yet because I was given 2 extra GB.

Anther hour on the phone. 

This process has been going on for a week.  I keep having to ring, get extra GB added and have my account "unshaped" and complain about how my upgrade is not working at all.  Each time they find something extra that might be the problem and so leave it again to see if it works at midnight.

As at this time, as compensation, I am not being charged for my Internet access this month due to the stuff around.  Mind you, I have lost a LOT more than a month's service charges just wasting time on the phone instead of getting on with work.

So after a WEEK of TRYING to fix up my broadband issues I am now looking at alternative Internet Service Providers (ISP's).   If you've seen my status lately, you'll now understand what is actually going on!

Anyway, so  So I do a test on my current Internet speeds at

I find this:

Your Broadband Speed Test Results:

Download Speed: 61795kbps (7724.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 244kbps (30.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

WOW!!    I had no idea my Internet was THAT fast!!  Appearently, if the Internet sites out there could dish it out that fast, I could download a 7.7Mb file in one second!

No other plans I have looked at even come close to that level of speed.  Mind you, probably 99% of the sites out there can't dish out the data that fast to one user, so it's kinda a bit of a waste.

I am with Telstra Cable Extreme Liberty with 12GB for $69.95/month, trying to get to Telstra Cable Extreme Liberty with 25GB for $89.95/month

If you could be so kind, and you are a fellow AUSSIE could you please post your ISP plan?   Could you tell me who you are with, what service you have (ADSL/ADSL2+/Cable/Mobile), what GB limits you have and how much it is per month?  Might save me a bunch of time looking for alternatives!

Thanks for reading!