Chess Career Highlight


This may be the highlight of my chess career!!  

Tonight I completed a rapid tournament at my club.  The Easter Rapid Championship.   It has been running for the last four weeks, played each Friday night.

When the tournament started, I didn't give myself much of a chance.  After all, I had to face not only my nemisis, Edgar (2101), but I also had to face off against Bob Cowley (2261) and Colin Cloudsdale (2143), not to mention all the other strong players in the club.  I currently have a rapid rating of 1955. 

Time controls were 25mins + 10sec / move.

How did I go?  

I managed to get 7½ points out of 8, winning the tournament half a point clear of Bob Cowley!  I am ecstatic about that!!  With a field like this, I don't think I will ever play better chess!

You can see the crosstable for the details of the whole tournament. 

I actually managed to defeat Edgar and Colin (to my complete surprise).  And drew against Bob Cowley!   

The tournament software (SwissPerfect) gave me a "performance rating" of 2285!  Holy buckets!

I think I might print this crosstable, laminate it, frame it and hang it on a wall Yell

Yes, I am bragging here, but hey, I don't know that I will ever get a better result, so I'm taking the opportunity to have a moment in the spotlight -- it may never happen again!

Thanks for reading Smile